Wishing to learn Arabic

Is there anybody who can teach me day to day Arabic here in Istanbul ? The teacher should be native Arab speaker .
  Thanking you.

Hello striver.

Welcome to!

Can you please introduce yourself?

You can try to post an advert in the language classes section in Istanbul classifieds. It can help.

Thank you,

hello mate i could help you learning arabic and for free as well :)

fgilson2 :

hello mate i could help you learning arabic and for free as well :)

thanks ..could you plz explain how to proceed ?

i can teach u Arabic from July 1ST till July 27 th   so   plz keep in touch    my  skype  :    mancunian07

@sisita - Can you introduce yourself please :rolleyes:

Thank you,

hi striver,
if you still need an arabic teacher i can teach you, i'm from tunisia and arabic is my native language.


Hello, I am looking for somebody who can teach me Arabic (Levantine / Syrian dialect). I am based around Taksim. Juan

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Salam Alaykum Zakaria,
I hope you are well. I am looking for somebody to help me with my arabic, yes. I am based in Beyoglu, and although I have many Syrian friends, they are busy and it is difficult for them to dedicate time to teach me. How you do your classes and where?


I am fine thank you,

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Hello Juan -> The Classes section (Language classes) in the Istanbul classifieds could help. You can post an advert there. :)

Thank you,


Me too i want to learn arabic. if you want to teach Striver so could i participate too to your classes?

Thank you so much


Hello cremer
I saw your post on expat, so me too i m interested to learn arabic if you found some teachers and you started your courses pls inform me.


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Do u still require a syrian arabic speaker?

i have  a friend who is free and may be able to help. Please get in touch if anyone still looking to learn arabic.

Yes i want tolearn arabic but how much we must pay?

I will give u his details and u can agree on times, days and fees? How does that sound? What is ur first language?

Hey guys :)
if u still wanna learn Arabic, i can help u I’m native speaker
Best regards :)))

Ready to help :) am super teacher ;D

Hi damora,

Please note that this thread is a bit old ;)

I suggest you post an advert in the Language classes in Istanbul section :)

Best wishes

Thank you


Hello everyone,

I am a native Arabic speaker from Egypt and am happy to teach those of you in on both the European and Asian side of Istanbul (and can also do lessons online).  The whole Arab world can understand the Egyptian dialect because everyone watches Egyptian movies :).  In addition to teaching Egyptian Arabic, I also teach Standard Arabic and English.

I look forward to working with you!

Hi zobied,

Please read my previous post :)

Thank you


Hello Juan,
I would be pleased to teach you some Arabic in Syria accent

Hi attar.mhd > Just to inform you that this is an old topic.

I can help you with learning Arabic
Please Contact me on * if you still interested.

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I also want to study Arabic.,so if you find  drop here  information

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