Meeting some expat locals

Hello We are coming to visit Port Vila next week, about our 5th visit  would like to meet, maybe have a drink and a chat or even dinner to hear about living in Port Vila.
We would appreciate some local advice on business and home buying. We are a couple in our mid 50's with a very young attitude. We would welcome response from anyone, any age to catch up with. We are from the building and food manufacturing industries.

Hi Kathy&perry,

Welcome to! :)

Sadly Kathy & Perry, we are going to miss catching up with you, we are currently o/seas. We would have enjoyed chatting to you  regarding buying etc. Why not email us a private message with all your questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

Hi Kathy and perry
Give us a call when you get into Port Vila and maybe catch up for coffee or dinner. We have lived and worked in Vanuatu for over 7 years and love being here

Ph 777-0-888

Hi Kathy
David And Jo are fairly new residents to Port Vila.
Both ex Auckland and semi retired.
Am happy to answer any queries you may have if you are still in
Vanuatu..Ph 7732323

Hi David and Jo
Apologies for the delayed answer, we are coming back again in a week or so from 15th til 20th I will try to give you a call and maybe we could get together for coffee or a drink. We are hoping to buy property on our next trip so it's a bit exciting and scary at the same time.
You said you were semi retired, that sounds wonderful. What do you do?
I am in the building industry and Perry in food processing machinery, but who knows what will be if we get to Vanuatu. Do you live in town?
Thanks again for your response, I hope we can keep in touch and catch up we have so many questions.


Kathy & Perryp

Hi Kathy

WE live above where the cruise ships dock.
In fact the Pacific Dawn is just pulling in and we have been waving to people on board.
I used to have an aluminium gate and fence manufacturing business
I have just motorized the gate here.
We have looked at many properties land and houses and have a fair handle on whats good and bad,have delt with good agent.
Give us a call or e mail when you are in town.

Regards David

Hi Kathy and perry and others, we too have been to Vanuatu last week for the first time and heading back on the 23rd looking at buying property, we have been dealing with Catherine from moores and Roland she is wonderful showed us around the island looking at different places to buy, they do everything from visa apps to buying property and there is no pressure from her, like u can get from some agents,  how did you find your trip? We loved it and the people are so friendly, we had guys coming up to us just to chat and asked for nothing. We met quite a few people on our travels and found out so much about there life.  Will loved to know what you guys thought.

Myname Windy
I would like to have new friends. This country look amazing. My brother had just arrived two days ago. He work in a Thai restaurant. I am interested to go to travel to this country. I am living in Sweden someone can give me  information i need to make VISA or not.
Hoep i can get new friends form Vanuatu soon.
my emal - cat888999[at]

Windy :)

Hello Allan, Maggie and Daniel

Well we are heading back for another visit, I do hope you are all well.
Hope to catch up again.

Cheers Kathy and Perry

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