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I'm hoping to move to South Africa to be with my partner who is a south African citizen. He lived in the UK for 20 years but moved back to Johannesburg January to set up a business. We have been in a relationship for 2 years and have a 12 month old baby together. We are not married and have never lived together. I think i need to apply for a life partner visa but as we have never lived together i'm not sure if my application will be accepted? Can anybody give me some advice please.

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I am in a similar position. My partner left the UK in March after 12 years here. He moved in with me but the house and bills etc were in my name and we didnt change them as we knew he was leaving. Myself and my children are moving over and I have had some really good advice from Globalvisa and from Breytenbachs. They are both consultancy firms who do everything for you for a fee of course.
Its peace of mind to know that whatever obstacles there are along the way, they will be sorted.
Hope this helps a bit!

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Maybe my story can help you. I think you can apply for a life partner permit. My partner and I never lived together, we travelled together and you just have to complete an affidavit and find 3 friends or family peoples that can support you to explain that you are in a strong relation ship and you will get it.
It is not so complicated. the best is to do it in South Africa.
good luck

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