Checklist for moving to Mauritius

Hi all...

I've just accepted a job in MRU starting toward the end of next month (June)...

I'm pretty excited now at this point but I'm conscious I'll be moving from a different environment and colder climes (Ireland & the UK) so I would like to know of anything I should be aware of and what I should be adding to my checklist of things I'll need to take with me.

Tips from anyone that's been in my situation or a similar situation would be appreciated. You can leave out the obvious like remembering to take factor 40 suncream etc, I've learned that the hard way over the years :)




Check that your vaccinations are up to date and refreshed, if necessary. Furthermore, get a bunch of personal documents from the responsible offices. Like, certificate of birth (with Affidavit), certificate of morality, international driving license, medical records. Well, you have to pass some medical issues here anyways - nothing to worry about.

Apart from that, leave any winter clothes at home! Flic en Flac is warm, warm and warm all year. ;-)

Cheers, JoKi

Get a statement from your bank saying that you are a customer in good standing and that you have been for X amount of time. Make sure there are stamps on ALL documents as an official stamp is the only thing that works here. When I created my bank account here, they looked at the double-signed document from my bank, turned up their nose, shoved it back and said "This is not official, there is no stamp on it.". (They do listen to reason though :))

Bring your patience and lots of it. Depending on your contract, it may be a good idea to start off in a simple apartment and then go hunting for a good spot on your own. Quality varies a lot and there are different standards as to what is acceptable between here and Europe.

Your need for cash will be minimal. It's nice to have for petty shopping and cabs, but other than that, practically everywhere accepts credit/debit cards for payments.

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