Acting and meeting interesting folks in Zagreb

Hi guys,

My name is Hoji and I am an African (black) actor based in New York. I'll be spending the months of May, June and July in Zagreb and would love to connect with interesting people and find out how the acting scene works around these parts.

I don't speak Croatian yet (except for a few basic things), but I can read it from a script and my wife who's a Croatian writer can help me with that.

If any of you guys have any leads or simply would like to connect for a cup of cofee or tea and nice conversation (that's mandatory), drop me a line. You can also check me up on


Hello Hoji.

Welcome to!

I am sure you will get a lot of new contacts here.

All the best

Merci, Aurelie :)

Hello Hoji!

I welcome you to Zagreb! I live here and if you need some help in anything, you can contact me!

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