Schools in Dar es Salam

Can anyone please help me for choosing schools for my three daughters, age from 8 to 12 years.
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You can chk Al-Muntazar school and Agha Khan

My son will be attending the. Int school of Tanganika. We are keen to know what teenagers do at weekends in Dar

My girls go to the international school called Dis in mikocheni

What do they get up to at weekends

TanyaRitchie :

What do they get up to at weekends

we either take em out somewhere to play ie wet n wild kunduchiwater park or mary browns masaki has play centre or funkys in masaki or cinema :)

DIS, IST, International school of Moshi- outside of Dar es Salaam ... I would say those would enable your children to fit in straight away as it's quite a multi cultural learning environment.

What to do on weekends: Mlimani city- movies, weekend get aways with the family i.e. bongoyo, mbudya island, beaches in kigamboni

hello you can choose AL Muntanzir,Feza,Agakhan,am a private tutor incase u need my services to help your children with extra maths,reading,doing homework and projects

Genesis School in Masaki, behind the new Atlanta Hotel is an option, small and they care about their students.

Teens hang out at Sea Cliff, Mbuja Island is popolar......


Where do u teach Beras

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