Moving to Pakistan

Hi everyone.
I am new to this site and just wanted some friendly advice about moving to Islamabad.
I have lived in england all my life and was wondering if it would be nice to move to Pakistan.
Somebody who has moved from a diffrent country to Pakistan could answer this questions.
Thank you

Hi Natasha and welcome to!

Hope that you'll soon be given some tips.;)


Hello Natasha.

I am from Islamabad but I live and work in UAE. I have many colleagues who were working with me in Abu Dhabi and have moved to Islamabad because of work.

Before moving they were very worried about the situation, but now when I meet them they are very happy and tell me that everything is over exaggerated by the media. They go around the city like normal people as in any other city of the world.

Islamabad is one of the modern cities of Pakistan. You can find everything here. There are international schools and some good local schools. A lot of foreigners are living here with their families. Finding a house is not a problem, though the prices vary a lot depending upon the area.

There are some problems as well like any other place in the world. We don't have good public transport. We have electricity load shedding, but most of the houses have UPS/generators.

Pakistanis are generally very hospitable, fun loving and caring people. I think you would enjoy in Pakistan.

Let me know if you need any particular information. It would be more helpful for anyone to advice if you can tell about your reason to move to Islamabad.

All the best

many moving to my country, all welcome

yes y nt

If you have ample source of income, Islamabad is one of the best place to live.... ooo my lovely Islamabad.. i miss u

Natasha, as friend i will never recommend to come and settle here, the situation and the public trend of dealing others quite changed now, here we are living as a crowd nor a nation. Me is also searching the way of flying for some where else, where humans are being respected not for their wealth but under humanity.


Your new friend
Ashiq Zaman

Azam, you are 9 months late, she has probably settled in already and satisfied with what Pakistan has to offer.

plus there is no place in the world where you wont find problems. its just that you have to take things positive.

btw where are you planning to fly.


I'd be happy to know what your experiences were when you moved to Islamabad. We are planning to move there as well but would like to know more about the life currently.

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I have lived abroad for most of my teens. Its a personal choice to move to any new country. Especially when you are moving from a developed country to a developing country it is very tricky. Unless you have a reason or a motivation to move to Pakistan from the UK having lived their throughout, it would be very very hard to adjust here for several reasons.

On the development front you wont have nearly half as much facilities that you are used to as basic in the UK. This includes comfortable transportation, infrastructure, civic amenities etc.

On the cultural and societal fronts you will face a conservative and restricting environment. People will tend to be causal in their dealings when you'd expect them to be fully responsive.

So as I said earlier you must have reason enough to relocate to Pakistan. However if you are just moving for sometime then you will really enjoy your stay in Islamabad or any major city of Pakistan.

I lived in Dewsbury, Bradford and Huddersfield for long time, finally got setelled in Karachi. You will not have any problems if you have most of the following:

- Command over punjabi and Urdu
- Money
- Family connections
- professional Education
- Good health
- Ability to bear heat and abuse

I wish you goodluck

Respected Mr. Ashiq Zaman,

Kindly try not to leave your personal details on the intenet in general.

These blogs are read by members all over the world, kindly show a little responsibility in blaming the country specially when it is your own..

I suggest you try to find a job in Dubai ( gulf) and improve upon your skills and exposure.

I wish you good luck.


Hi Natasha,

Hope you have been well and settled in islamabad.. i was born in pakistan and i can read n write urdu and speak punjabi as well .. my family moved to hong kong in 1996 and we have been living here since then.. I have visited many places in Europe, middle east , many parts of china and uk and Australia but inside me i still feels these are the places i don belong ... i want to move to islamabad with my family as well in near future can you please let me know what challanges i can face when i move there..

I have been visiting islamabad every year and personally i find it attractive people are nice and caring and you feel like thats the place you belong ... generally people respect you and i feel i can move in there and try to settle a small business to accommodate myself ...

Please let me know about your experience that would help me a lot.



Hi Khizer,

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