hbs machinery

hi all

Can anyone tell me about hbs machinery in LAE?

I am working through the work visa process and wanted to know about the company. I have been told that it is at 11 mile. Could someone please give me an idea of the area/accomidation/facilities etc.


also i forgot to ask can any kiwis tell me how they get on with the ird and tax. I have been told that my wages are tax free. Is any one in a similar situation and can tell me how they get on

Thanks again

Hi Kallum,

HBS are a customer of ours as they buy our Force10 housing.

I am in Bris at the moment but I will be in Moresby 2moro and travelling to lae to see HBS within the next 10 days.

Will be able to update you then.

Best regards,
Des (a bro)

thats great

thanks heaps Des

Hi Des

Have you been to HBS yet?

The 150 expats who have been through HBS doors in the last five years can’t be wrong – (moderated: no defamatory post)       As an employee of this company you have absolutely no recourse! They are playing with people's lives.  This statement is not defamatory it is advice.

This has to be the most demoralizing and demeaning company to work for.

PS Make sure when you resign you get all monies owed before you leave or some trumped up excuse will be made not to pay you.

The PNG immigration office should be looking into the work ethics of this company as they bring people into PNG on business permits - which it explicitly states you cannot work in PNG  -  but HBS uses these permits for the first month of your employment.

Hi iWork for these boys and they ere good value. Hard working but fair. Family company and reward people well. Don,t come to png if u want to bludge

Unfortunately companies like this give Lae a bad name, people have a right to know what they are getting into before they pack up and move because contracts mean nothing to this company, they know their employees have no recourse.   
No matter what you say or try to deny what the company is like, 150 expats  in 5 years tells it's own story.  Very few last more than six months,  the betting book in the office on all new staff on how long they will last, tells its own story.
As for being a family company that is absolute rubbish, 4 couples all as miserable as sin do not make a family company.
When I left every person in the company with the exception of two were looking for work elsewhere.
Smart middle manager I know who you are and you are the bludger and everyone in the company knows it.
There was another  posting which said almost the same but for some reason was taken down so I am not alone in what I say.

As of yesterday 6 more people on mass resigned from HBS for the very reason we did - it has to be the most demoralizing and demeaning company to work for. 156 expats in 5 years can't be wrong - Only the bludgers are left!

The message from unabated says it all. Badly written and punctuated.............if this is middle Management imagine what caliber upper Management is !!!

Buy all means contact the company and if they have nothing to hide ask them for the contact details of the last 10 expats who have left and give them a call. Ask for the reasons they ended their employment and were they treated fairly.....!!!

I personally would not go anywhere near HBS Machinery!

I wrote on this blog site yesterday and it disappeared today?
Kallum wanted to know what it was like at HBS.  As a couple of people have written back saying the same thing - over 156 people in less than 5 years have been through their doors most lasting less than 6 months, this should be a red flag to anyone.  Most have been screwed over with their notice pay - don't leave until it is in your bank account.  Employees have no recourse plain and simple.
It has to be one of the most unpleasant companies to work for which is sad as most people identify their bad work experience with living in Lae - Lae gets the bad name.
So my advice to Kallum is look at one of the big mining companies at least they are honorable.

Itsallgood wrote a very interesting and well written comment on HBS and it has been removed again why?  people have a right to know what is going on in this company.  If I had seen these comments before going out to work for them, I would not have gone and saved myself and my family a lot of stress.

All comments about HBS should be kept up not taken down - people have  right to know what they are getting into - Most jobs are advertised for families and if there has been an issue with under age children, then prospective employees with families need to know that they could be putting their children at risk.  Why hasn't there been a full investigation done on this company, it should be closed down.

Hey - not happy that my post was removed... whats the story with this site?

Hello itsallgood.

Can you please Contact Us and explain the problem?

Thank you,

It seems that the owner of HBS has done a runner since this topic went up - lying low in Australia.  He did this before and when things went quiet he came back to Lae wonder if he is going to do the same thing again.  All very suspicious!

They are a bunch of dropkicks. You should fit in.

It's official (as reported by employees) the  figure has risen, now over 160 expats have been through the doors of HBS in less than 5 years due to the incompetence, bad management.

This will be my last posting on this subject it's getting boring, anyone wishes to contact me privately feel free to do so.  I have move on and away and am extremely happy where I am now.  Any company that has such terrible working conditions will not have loyal employees and information on these sort of companies is easily available from any employee past or present..
One thing I will stress,  I enjoyed Lae just not the company I worked for.

Hi there,

I have recently seen your post regarding HBS Machinery. I am at a junction where I have been offered a job by this company.

Could you give me any indication on whether or not I should take it?

Does the pay work out ok?
Are facilities and accomodation upto scratch?
Does the FLY IN / FLY OUT work?
Who is the Director?
Who runs the show in Lae?

Thanks again for your help

e-mail usurf[at]

Have you read the previous posts carefully ?? I have lived in worked in PNG off and on for many years and HBS have not got a good track record.

Steer clear of them.


have you got any feed back on moving to PNG

In reply to the company HBS not being a family company:

To my knowledge, this is incorrect.  It is owned and run by one family and obviously employs people outside of the family to run it.  In my opinion, there seems to be ''sour grapes'' on some ex employees behalf. 


Hi Dfer

I don't think that the "sour grapes" is by SOME ex employees... I think its pretty much EVERY ex employee...
This forum shows how disliked the company is.

HBS is a VERY poor company to work for... No ex employees would recommend it to a friend and I wouldn't recommend it to an enemy either!

Have a nice life!

I'm going for a interveiw HBS on monday and i would be pretty appreciate if you could tell more about that company.

bonzii :

I'm going for a interveiw HBS on monday and i would be pretty appreciate if you could tell more about that company.

Welcome to EB.
I suggest you read all the previous posts about HBS.

Excellent accommodation and messing facilities.Extremely good company with a solid and benevolent owner.

Want to know if you should work for this company.  NO NO NO.  The truth about this company is they do not care about you at all  I see someone said they are a family company.  A joke is what they are.  Don't think that they will look after you as they won't.  Get sick they will sack you, break a bone at work and they will sack you, have a car accident they will sack you.  Lets be honest they will sack you for anything.  How do I know this  My husband worked for them.  Broke his wrist at work and he was sacked in an email.  Don't worry that we have house payments or children or it's almost Christmas.  The owner of the company Bob doesn't care about his workers.  That is a FACT.  Because you are in PNG their are no laws to back you and this company know this.  To me that shows what kind of a company that we are dealing with.  Tells me a lot about the type of people running this show.  Oh and don't expect your pay on time all the time it won't happen.  My advice keep away from this company.  They will lie to you to get you there.  Sad that we live in a world with these kind of people in it.  Wonder how they would feel if it was done to them.

Everything posted on this site about HBS is totally correct.. An organisation is not about the accommodation and the meals.
It is to be valued as an employee as part of a team and to know that your efforts as part of that team are recognised and ecknowledged.  This company has no regard for it's employees .. at all not in salary, training, safety or certainly not by reward.  If you have an opinion or personality and dare to look as if you may be enjoying the company of your follow workers while away from home  then you are gone. The onwers and upper management should be ashamed of their lack of integrity and the unprofessional way they treat people, the very people who without their efforts they would not have a company.. That is why they have a business in PNG as they would not be allowed to run a business in Australia in the disgraceful manner they do in PNG.
And this is a reflection of who they are as people small people taking advantage of the less fortuate to make themselves appear to be much bigger.. who surround themselves with follow misfits and retirees to help boost their egoes and are willing to go along with their out dated ideas. My message to them is you reap what you sew!

This a company that does lie a lot, they employ desperate people then exploit them, They are Nothings.

Mate! There is no such thing as tax free here in PNG and if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying. Tax here runs between 30-42% dependant on your salary.

As far as HBS are concerned, they have a terrible reputation here in PNG. If you are looking for short term employment then go for it.


Expat been attacked by rascals about 1.00am in HBS camp and one Expat been medivac to Aussie for further treatment.
raid happened few weeks back an Aussie got hit by an arrow. good thing the arrow was not positioned or dip in pig shit.( Hagen region does this)

reason been that lot of nationals been lay off and security company been changed every now and then.

funny thing this is the second time rascals cut the fence. safety depart still asleep no risk assessment at all.

either you will get sacked for no reason or you will get an arrow in your arse if your with HBS!!!

A big warning for all Expats and nationals considering working for HBS.
Be it HBS, HBS Machinery, Hire Buy Sell, HBS (PNG) Ltd, HVC, Hidden Valley Contractors or the HBS registered in Australia. These are all the same company owned by Bob Watkins. I highly recommend you avoid this/these Companies at all costs, staff turnover is enormous, as an employee you will be expected to shut up and listen only. Approximately two to three Expats are turned over every Month, not to mention the national staff who rotate even faster. The Camp in Lae was attacked again in September 2016 and is becoming increasingly unsafe. Expats who reside on POM or Lae are forced to be paid with PNG Kina into local Bank accounts and the expats have to Squirrel the money out of the Country. Expats who reside on remote sites are paid in their foreign currency of choice but this Month the money arrived two weeks late and everyone is wondering if we will be paid next month at all. This is very much a boys club and if you don't fit the mold you will be out within a few weeks. You may be hard up for work but to work and live and continuously be looking over your shoulder expecting to be terminated, it's not a very pleasant experience.

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