Anyone in Bucaramanga?

There is a Facebook group here called- Networking Bucaramanga.
Email me at alan[at], if you would like an invite to it.


I'm looking into working in Bucaramanga as a teacher.  How do you think life would be for a single woman in her low 30s, like myself?  Would I be able to connect with others my age?  It would be nice to have some expat friends, but I'm really interested in meeting Colombians too.  I am interested in outdoor adventures, like hiking, mountain biking, and playing in the water.  The nightlife scene is not as important to me, but I do enjoy going out to restaurants and having a drink or two.

Is it easy to find a good apartment in the Floridablanca area? 

What are the best and worst things about living in Bucaramanga (or Colombia in general)?

Thank you in advance for helping me out!  I'm excited to find out more first-hand experiences.

Hi there,

Bucaramanga is a great place to live, I have been here for nearly 2 years. There are a few of us kicking around :) if you wanted to meet more expats check our kasa guane or the facebook group networking bucaramanga.

When are you thinking of coming? With regards to teaching you might find it hard to find a job at this time of year due to it being quite, also if you don;t have a work visa this could make it a little harder also.

If you want a shared apartment you will always find one .

Colombia like most places has it good and it's bad things. I find getting things done here takes time... learn to hat patients.

How is your Spanish?

Is it easy to find a good apartment in the Floridablanca area?

That's about a half hour from here, so cannot say for sure, but it is difficult, but not impossible to find a place, in this area.
We have a very large apartment that we pay $500 a month for.
Your first priority should be to find a place close to the job, so you can walk, assuming that it would be during daylight hours.
If I am understanding my wife correctly, the bridge between here and there is going to be shut down for a long period of time for construction, so you don't want to live on this side or have to cross the river on a regular basis.

What are the best and worst things about living in Bucaramanga (or Colombia in general)?

Weather, though it has been raining a lot lately, and the average temperature has gone up quite a bit since I first came here 10 years ago.

My wife and I are artists and compared to the US, at least the parts I have lived in, people here are actually interested in buying original pieces. In the US, people would rather buy some, massed produced, "pretty thing", from Walmart, made in China.

Traffic, because people drive here much differently than in the US. You have to be very careful crossing streets, because there is no "pedestrian has the right of way". The best action is to always assume that you are invisible to people driving. When walking, you also have to keep an eye out for bad spots, missing hole covers, and steps in the sidewalks.

That's all I can think of rigt off the top of my head.


Thanks for your reply, DonWon!

I am looking into teaching at Colegio Panamericano, a nonprofit school which is (I believe) in Floridablanca.  The position would begin next school year, so July or August 2015.  I have an interview with them via Skype next week.  I'm set to go to a job fair in Atlanta in early December, where many South American international schools recruit teacher candidates.

I've never been to South America, and I only know people in Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela.  The Bucaramanga area seems like a great place, and one of the safest in Columbia.  I live in a small town (1500-2000 people), and there are not many people my age to socialize with.  I've read that Bucaramanga is a nice place to retire, so I don't want to end up in the same situation if I take a job there.  Do you think I would?

My Spanish is ok.  I only have 2 years of Spanish from high school, but I've retained a great deal, and have used it in my teaching in the states and traveling in Costa Rica and Panama.  I want to arrive about a month early before the start of next school year and take a Spanish immersion course.  Do you know of a good Spanish school?

I would be breaking away from a great teaching job here in the U.S.  I want to make sure I make a wise choice.  My "goals" are to teach in a good international school in S. America, learn to speak Spanish fluently, see new and exciting places on the continent, and make meaningful friendships with people around my age.

Thanks again for your help!

Thanks for your reply, Alan.  I am beginning to understand the layout, now.  The school I'm interested in is in Floridablanca.  Their address also says Bucaramanga, so it was confusing at first.  You're right--I would like to find a place to live very close to where I work.  Thanks for the tip about the bridge and likes/dislikes about the area.  Anything else you can think of would be great.

Hi there,
I am moving back to Bucaramanga this friday, the 16th, ( I used to live there in the past for a couple years) but this time Ill be searching for an apartment on my own to rent. I am American but have Colombian residency as well. I am looking for someone who may be able to help me translate spanish/english with potential landlords, just in case they do not speak spanish so I can get into a permanent apartment.  (my spanish is not quite fluent yet haha)
And for your time I can buy you lunch, or dinner or drinks or whatever you would like, let me know if your interested, thanks - also, if you need help with anything, I may be able to help with your situation... let me know.  Daniel  colombiasidor[at]

Hey guys, and girls -

I am an American, but I also have Colombian residency. I have lived in Colombia for 6 or 7 years, including Bucaramanga, then moved to Peru the last two years, but I am moving back to Bucaramanga this coming friday (january 16th) - If anyone needs help with anything, or just wants to get together for a drink and chat let me know.

Also, believe it or not, my spanish is still not fluent, Ill be looking for a permanent apartment when I arrive, if you want a temporary job interpreting between landlords, let me know as well - Thanks - Daniel

I would recommend. Bucaramanga.   Santander. Its beatiful lil city In comparison to Bogota

Hi Rob, not really an expat, more a snow bird but aiming to escape dreary London for around 11 weeks in January - this would be my 5th year in Colombia and 9th in S America. I'm a cyclist and have spent most of my time in Colombia riding my road bike, so if you want to meet up in January and compare notes that would be great, Cheers, Alan

Hey guys, getting in early a bit, but i'm moving to Bucaramanga, Colombia in Jan 2016 (for one year), English teaching, I already have a job! Just really keen to establish myself quickly and meet some awesome people! I am a little worried, as I turned down a volunteer type position, for this job in bucaramanga (working in a school). The volunteer position would have had an orientation, where I would probably meet lots of new people in the same boat, and feel a little better! And tbh i'm scared, i'm going to feel very alone when I arrive. I'm not sure if there's any expats working at the same school who I could buddy with! And my Spanish is beginner at best lol, but I am improving that as we speak! :D Anyway i'm probably worrying about nothing, but still looking forward to chatting with you all and hopefully get in contact with some awesome people , who may be up for socialising/showing me round bucaramanga?? Feel free to add me on FB, i'll only accept genuine people, living in Columbia (Sheena Hardaker). Sorry for the novel, bye for now!

John Prater here, been in buca 4 years.
English teacher.
Do you get an apartment?
Any questions just ask.

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Hello Sheena, not sure I can describe myself as awesome but can forgive an New Zealand English teacher a little hyperbole! I spend time in Medellin every year and am coming to Bucaramaga for the first time in January. I mainy cycle, avoid English winter, dance a little, walk in the countryside and refresh my Spanish. It would be 'amazing' well quite nice .. to meet up for a coffee. Shall I add you to Facebook, regards, Alan

Hehe thanks guys, I went a little crazy last night, now that I have pretty much secured a job, searching everything and joining forums lol.

As I said , I'm not there till Jan so i'm still finishing off some study, might be quiet till closer to Jan!

John, I wont be I don't think. They may provide a home stay type situation, or I can find accommodation myself. Some things are still up in the air!

Yup , feel free to add my FB, i'm a little bit inactive right now though lol. Have a great day everyone!

Are you still in Bucaramanga?

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Looking to move to Bucaramanga approximately 12/1/2016. Would like to connect for the purpose of asking questions and getting viewpoints/perspectives. My wife is Colombian which helps a lot.


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