Ethiopian Yellow Card - 'Indefinite leave to Remain' in Ethiopia.

I have been married to an Ethiopian National for over 6 years. I currently have a Green Residency Card (one year) - only renewable in Ethiopia. I have been told that the only way I can get 'Yellow Card' is for my wife to give up her Ethiopian Nationality and become a British Citizen ( as I am ) - she can then apply for a Yellow Card in her name and apply for me to have a Yellow Card as a spouse - this information has come from the Ethiopian Embassy in London.

This seems mad!!!

Under UK law my wife applied for 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in the UK based on her (then) 2 marriage to me - she has ILR in her Ethiopian Passport so came come and go the the UK for the rest of her life as she pleases - even if I was run over by a bus!! After one year being granted ILR she can apply for British Citizenship - should she want to - in the UK this is a paper exercise.

Is there no way a person who has been married to a Ethiopian National for over 5 years can get any greater 'recognition' to this than just a one year renewable residency card. I feel I should get 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' in Ethiopia based on 6 years marriage to a Ethiopian.

Any views or advice - or have I been given wrong information.

Ethopia 007

very insterting post.

in my case i am allowed apply for a yellow card, my grandfather was born in ethopia.

for me i need go my grandfather region, I need provided evidence, then apply at addis or though embassy here in UK.

At first getting correct information was bit hard, i have collected as much information soon i will take a visit to Ethiopia.

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