parttime job oppurtunities for international student in kuala lumpur

I am trying to come to malaysia for degree programm,while studying am i allowed to work part time...? if yes..then how much would be my income, i mean is there any job opportunities for part time ...


very much appreciated if any one responds to my question.

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I believe you are only allowed to work during study that you choose Part time Study Programs.otherwise working during fulltime research or fulltime coursemode student is illegal.

u can work legally 20hrs a week

and maximum u can earn 100 - 120 rm by working 20 hrs .. which is not enough .. keep that in mind this is not europe..

i think ur certificate and ur experience r required in malaysia. i wish u will find a job as part time basis but i think u will find little bit difficulties because u r not malay or even speak malay. wish the best for u.

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zubair123 :

I am trying to come to malaysia for degree programm,while studying am i allowed to work part time...? if yes..then how much would be my income, i mean is there any job opportunities for part time ...


very much appreciated if any one responds to my question.

Non-Malaysian students are allowed to work part-time, subject to the terms and conditions below.

For a maximum of 20 hours per week, Foreigner students are allowed to work on a part-time basis during:

semester breaks
festive holidays
more than seven days of holiday

Foreigner students are permitted to work in:

petrol kiosks
mini markets

Foreigner students are not able to work in the following positions:

guest relations officer

Above all the wages are considerably low.

i am doing my a levels in malaysia kuala lumpur from sayfol international school and i am looking for a part time job if and plz inform me i will be very thankful. i will be waiting for your reply.

Basically no you can't work realistically see … rking.aspx

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Hi Keerthi ,

To be very frank getting part time job here in Malaysia is not easy as you don’t know Malay and only English will not help you out. But yes you can mingle with some of your foreign students group who used to work in hotels and banquet. Even my roommate is also a student and work part time in hotels and banquet on adhoc basis. He used to get 6-7 MYR per hour.



   I am from india. Is there any part time degree courses for foreigners in Malaysia?

Dear Fren,

In Malaysia, as a international student you cannot allow to study as a part time and you can only allow to study full time degree course. perhaps if you have any work permit you are allow to study as part time.


@Ibrahim Hassan > ???

I am under 6 month spouse Qualification M.A.,B.Ed.,(english literature) have more than 4 years experience.I am looking teaching course with part time work.

Hi  Jasmine Shija Banu,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Teaching jobs in Kuala Lumpur section, this might be helpful.

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hi i m muhammad shahbaz from pakistand ..i m studying here and i want to work in part time ,,,,so if  have any oppurtunity please let me know ..

Hello shahbazkhan.

I think that this page might help --->  Temporary work in Kuala Lumpur. You should only post your resume/CV and specify in which sector you're seeking for a job.


Karen :)

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I just wanted to mention some developments that are taking place in Malaysia.  Unfortunately some people have been abusing their student visas and it has caused regulation changes to take place.

Now that Hari Raya is over, more immigration checks are going to start. This is about the 4th round in an attempt to rid the country of illegal workers.  These raids will primarily be where known abuses take place, i.e. people work without appropriate visas (this will include students).

Malaysia has been getting tough in its handling of immigration issues as it seems somehow the country has got a reputation of being an easy place to get work, get a work permit or work illegally. There have been amnesties and large-scale deportations in the past. Now the chips are down and there are regular deportations on an almost daily basis.

I`m 40 years Egyptian Chef . need to come to Kuala Lumpur to get a Course in Cookery and to improve my English .may I need one year stay in Kuala Lumpur .I`ll need some parte time job . is it enough to cove my expenses for daily basis needs??
is it easy to find a good job??

Frns I am a foreign stnt of my ..I wnt to say all guys that now mlasia has no opportuniy of part time jobs 4 f.stnt..but mlasia study is very expensive like as urope.who want to job & study here they should know either he have to be illigal worker neither have to give semister gap like me...I requist to the pm of mlasia definitely he should give part time job oppnity like europe.....

have you tried the Global Indian School in Brickfields? The last I heard they are trying to expand the school more and are welcoming new teachers.

I am Bangladeshi.I have completed B.Sc in EEE(2011) from Bangladesh.Now i am working a power plant as a operation engineer.i want to come Malaysia for study in Diploma Course But while studying am i allowed to work part time...? if yes..then how much would be my income, i mean is there any job opportunities for part time/full time.Or if i get a full time job my relevant sector than will i convert my student visa into work permit.please reply my message.

Mohammad Aminul islam

amin_eee  - First you need to find a course that is offered here and the cost: … tutes.html

Students can only work when they have a semester break of two weeks or more and then only 20 hrs per week and in certain types of job, such as in a shop. All those types of jobs are already being done by foreign workers, so it is difficult to find any work.

It is not possible to exchange a student pass for an employment pass as the latter are linked to a specific job and employer. So getting a job offer is the only way to change your visa status.

It is possible to come to Malaysia as a Foreign Worker, but the jobs are low paid and the conditions are often tough. Pay would be about RM1-1.2k per month (minimum wage in Malaysia is RM900. Bear in mind that local Malaysians are working for less than RM2k per month.  To come as a foreign worker you have to be sponsored by a Malaysian company who can prove that they cannot find a local to do the job. There are fees involved, which usually get passed back to the employee - they can amount to about 2 months wages or more.

To work in your field, you need to be 27 years old with at least 2-3 years full time working experience.  Those are the requirements from the immigration department.  Some jobs cannot be offered to foreigners - so check out the list: … permitted/

same here

The University of nottingham website frankly says that getting a job as a student in Malaysia (legally) is almost impossible!

Although my local Boost has a Norwegian student working there. No idea if legal, but first student I met working in KL. Well apart form those "working in bars" that is  :whistle:

Just to mention what the newspapers are full of. From 21st January a combined force of police, immigration and others will start the P6 programme again.  This is to find and deport illegal workers in Malaysia. If students are found working and not studying, there is no mention of what will happen to them. Also from now on, no foreign workers will be recruited by fast food outlets. Those who currently have a work permit will be allowed to work until it expires. (Reading the English newspapers once a week is quite worthwhile for foreigners).

But gravitas in my experience that won't effect anyone as most are slow food outlets not fast moon my local McDonald's they work at 1/4 speed so not fast!

Interesting though so all those unemployed grads will have to take mc jobs. Just like USA!

i think i posted a link before that will help you to get a job

Hope you get your ideal job asap.

Foreigners never get jobs by applying over Jobstreet and similar websites. The only way to get work is by networking and applying direct to suitable companies and then going and knocking on their door and asking to have a face to face meeting.  Most jobs at the level a foreigner can be taken on are not even advertised.

Above is true, Jobstreet is for lower level jobs expats can't do (in most cases).

I always say only billionaires and those who have at least plenty of savings they can 'burn' should just turn up looking for a job in Malaysia. Always secure your first job before coming!

Students cant make good money working, a bit extra pocket money maybe, but as Gravitas said big clampdown on those abusing the student visa. Students need to have savings to pay for all of the course (or be billionaires or married to one!)

Those looking for job should try applying to micro enterprise or new startups.  Usually they are less strict about hiring international students.
Also check on asiaparttime . com
There are many part time job there that you can do, and some where you can work online like writing, traffic generation, etc.

Getting involved in voluntary organisations is a great way to build connection and get jobs.
Let me know if you are keen as my company is also offering internship opportunities.

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would like to do part time job, while pursuing a masters degree in MBA

I am computer operator

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