Meeting English speaking people in Morocco

i speak engilsh good.  and you live in tanger?

HI are you stil  looking for ppl speaking English. I live in Agadir and would be happy to talk to someone in English.

sure add me .

Hello Maria, Morroco  is a real  and wonderfull  country  that  you  may rely on me a lot so as t know more about it

That's great .... Where are you guys from?

hello how are you?

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:lol: Hi all I am James just moved here last tonight, I will be here for a long time... Well I hope so anyways.. would love to meet with all or some of you. Let me know.. James....

To all who want to connect with me for open dialogue. I was in, Casablanca, Morocco in 2012. I enjoyed it very much. I hope to return, for a visit in August, 2015. Anyone wishing to talk or write me, please feel welcome. If you wish to write in French., I will use translator, My email is, ***. My skype id is: ***.  i speak a little bit of french as well

Pour tous ceux qui veulent se connecter avec moi pour un dialogue ouvert. Je me trouvais, Casablanca, Maroc en 201. Je l'ai beaucoup apprécié. Je espère revenir pour une visite en Août 2015. Toute personne désireuse de parler ou d'écrire moi, s'il vous plaît sentir les bienvenus. Si vous souhaitez écrire en français.., Je vais utiliser traducteur, mon email est, **. Mon skype id est:**. je parla Francais, non pu.

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Hello keeny,

Please note that we on an English forum hence you have to use English as the sole language to communicate. If you are looking  to converse in french as well i would suggest that you start a new thread in the french forum.

All you have to do is change the flag to France at the top of the page.

Best regards,

Hi I will be in Tangier next month and I'm wishing to meet English speaking people there. I know it be hard for me to communicate especially using French language. Keep in touch!!!


Hello Lieze109. My name is Kenny. I visited Morocco in, 2011. I found many people understand and speak, English.
I bought a beautiful, leather hat there. I would like to buy many more in quantity, for resale. I want to find the, manufacturer of them, but unable to locate, through the internet search. Since you are going there, if it would be possible to see a place selling them, while shopping, you could get the address information for me. Could you please write meas I can better inform you as to what, iI am seeking? My email is, kennyfrederick11[at]
Thank you.
Kind regards,

PS The hat I wear in my picture, is the hats I am seeking to buy in quantity.

Hi, just arrived to Tangier, Morocco yesterday! Looking to meet cool people to explore the area with and build friendships!

Hello Taqeezy.I am glad to meet you. My name is Kenny.  I am living in the USA and looking for people in Morocco. I want to buy, African made hats and want someone to find the hat maker. I want to import hats, from morocco. The hat, I am looking for, is the same looking one I am wearing in my picture. If you see them and can get the address and phone number, I would be ever thankful to you.
I am not asking you to look for it per se. In your travel to the shops, you may see the, If you do, you can email me, kennyfrederick11[at]
Thank you for your post. I know you will enjoy your visit, as I did when I was there.
Kind regards,

Hi Kenny > you are off topic on this thread. Please start a new topic on the forum . If you are looking for a business partners, you should post an ad in the Tangier classifieds section.

The subject of this topic is  " Meeting English speaking people in Morocco". Thank you

i am staying in Essaouira >>what about you ?
i love to meet some body speaks English also >>

I am now in USA.I speak 4 languages. Not well, but enough to get along.

i HAVE NOT BEEN TO YOUR CITY. I WAS IN , CASA BLANCA. I am looking to buy many leather cowboy/Safari  (hats, from Morocco. I can't find the supplier. Perhaps you have seen them while shopping. The hat that I wear in my picture, is what I want to buy. If you see them and can send me information, I am truly thankful to you. I hope we can still communicate, regardless. Thank you for writing me..
I live in, Baltimore suburbs.


pleased to meet you darling, i am in casablanca, any help i am in ready

moon 1977 pleased to know u

anna001; pleased to meet some like u,

Hey I'm living in tangier my English ain't good enough .it's will be kind of u ,if u can push me to learn it with practicing ;)

Hello everyone,

@ Reda el quessyr, i suggest you drop an advert in the Language exchange in Tangier section of the website so as to get some opportunities.

All the best,

i m from casablanca

Hey welcome to tangier
U will find me here waiting for u .


Hiiiii. Am roquita. Am from agadir. I will be glad to meet English people.

Hi my name is Aleema. I also live in tangier morocco and speak only English. It'll be sure great to get to know and hang out with people who speak english. Do you think we could get in contact with one another?

I'm new to Tangiers. Interested in meeting other English speakers for a coffee or drink. Also interested in activities like tennis, billiards/pool, football, cricket, badminton, etc. Please send a private message or post on this group.

aleema2 :

Hi my name is Aleema. I also live in tangier morocco and speak only English. It'll be sure great to get to know and hang out with people who speak english. Do you think we could get in contact with one another?

I am moving to Tangier in a few weeks and would love to meet up with you :)

im from tetouan , i speak english ,  if u r in tetouan  ,don't hesitate  , i will be there

Hey everyone,

I was thinking to move to Morocco and do a summer internship there. I am doing a degree in International Marketing with Business and currently just about to finish my 3rd year. I`m studying at the university in the UK.
Its quite difficult as I don`t speak French, only English, Polish and Spanish.

Do you have any suggestions where I could try to apply? Preferable business- related as its my career path.

Thank you!


My name is Khalil, 26 years old. I am Moroccan, and born in Marrakesh. Graduated from the university in English studies, from the German Center, and I speak frensh fluently as well.
I am available and I hope you contact me soon!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Kind Regards

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