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My husband and I just got back from holidays in Namibia and we simply fell in love with this beautiful country.
We are interested in buying a house in Swakopmund.
We are Canadian. We live presently in D.R.Congo where we are working as humanitarian workers.

We read about Namibia and our goal would be to work in Namibia to help the population as workers in an local NGO or even to create our own NGO.

What kind of visa should we apply for?

What are the steps regarding transfer of bank account, regarding the legal aspects and the taxation?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Virgie. You should come over to pick an NGO you wanna work for or to know the procedures to create an NGO. About the visa you should apply first for a holiday visa then you can apply for a work visa once you create or work for a local NGO because it takes too long. I don't know if you will reply to this but if you are still interested i can talk to my american friend who has a business here so he must know about taxes, visas, and real estate.

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