FTMS Global Malaysia

Hi all,
Anybody heard of FTMS Global where a family member intends to study ACCA?

One hears of so many fraudulent activity taking place with higher education that its scary, as the fees are quite expensive and no one wants to lose hard earned cash


You will be surprised how many cases even i first hand witnessed reported but they are still there doing same old things.
I was working with these people and I did not even knew that I was part of so called MBA PHD certificate we were giving with all the fake University Cancellers dressed up even in Cambodia we were giving certificate to Government officials.
Offcourse I reported it seams nothing happened to them.
Prof.Sandhu Singh(local Malaysian he is a head,working for him /Michel Cagne(Canadian national) and English national,Prof Sheppard/
So if you like to involve with a education check it out if they are accredited institutions.
Recently I was working i-Smarte realtors apparently they are doing unethical business and selling High End condo/houses all sort of properties,reported already still in proses.
If you need to know more you can ask me question I am not making up all these stories.

Thanks Nowhow,

I believe you but what about FTMS have you heard of them?
I need all the info I can get from you please.
What about apartments for rent. Not expensive as its for students.

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