New jobs & housing sections + new classifieds


we are proud to announce our brand new jobs and housing sections on

We've also redesigned and improved our classifieds system.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts : let us know if you notice any bug, problem or if any text isn't clear.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,


@ Julien Thanks :)

Thanks for your feedback ! I've added Constanta, Clus and Brasov tp the list of cities to add on the website (looks like someone asked for Galati a few months ago)

many people don't know this site because people thought it  confined on foreigners only
2- layout of the site is good but i hope to find a way like facebook layout it's great but here contacting with friends is hard no chat no wall
3- i think you can adverting about expat-blog for example ( you are foreigner in any country don't worry we will help you ... )
4- the site is very good and i knew my wife from it so it's really useful iit just need some updates and it will be like facebook
thanks sam

I have to say I agree with Mostafa, also I notice there's not many photos from the expats on here and there's not really many events being advertised especially in a city like San Francisco (USA) where something is happening everynight! :) I'm looking to connect with fellow expats please feel free to contact me if you need help with organizing meet ups I also specialize in Event Production & Promoting - the site is beautiful and very informational it can be huge!!!

I've tried everywhere it says post your job offer or CV but there doesn't seem to be any way to post a CV.  It just asks further about posting Job Offers.

thanks JohnH for your message, actually we should write "create your CV" instead of post your CV, which made you think you could upload your CV I presume ?

Thanks Julien,

What I actually meant was that I was expecting, by clicking the   link button titled  'Post your job offer/post your cv' to be able to either link to or create a CV. 

Can you tell me how/where I can actually create a CV on your site please?  (or do you mean by this just filling in my Membership details after I join the site?)

BTW an excellent site for Expats!

Hi Julien,

I just went through the same thing as JohnH and thought maybe i was blind and couldnt find the way to get to the CV insert!! but obviously not! anyway, in my opinion you cannot say "post your CV" if there isn't any way to upload one and second as JohnH said when you click on the link button you are in the classifields to post an ad, and i didn't see anything anywhere to actually create a CV either.
I think it would be really really nice & appreciated if we could just upload a CV directly because job seekers already spend so much time filling out tons of personal details or creating CV's on websites. here's my 2 cents in, other than that i really like the site, so thank you!


We have made some little changes and it is now displayed: "create your CV". "Post your CV" was indeed misleading. Thank you for your feedback.

To create a CV, you have to post an ad as a job seeker in the Jobs section. You would then be able to fill in a form with your skills, diplomas, languages spoken (you can't upload your resume but have to create one).

yeah great idea

   At first I want to  say,``  WISHES for seven years cross. Sorry for the late,  but  this is my heartiest wishes.  really this is  very use ful presntation for everyone.And so many thanks for add new announcements about  JOBS and HOUSING. Really we are proud  because ,we are also members.`LONG LIVE Expat.comS `.Hope our so many generation will join and enjoy. THANK  YOU SO MUCH.

I'm not an expat in this forum but I joined here yesterday because of i need to find a new job through this forum, I wish I can get it.

I think I get advantage from this forum, moreover there is job's forum, it's so useful for ones who need a job like me.

I love to make friendship with foreigners, pls don't hesitate to contact me.

May all of U always happy n well.

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i am a medical doctor of Bangladesh. I wish to go Rwanda

İ had Great contacts here when i need help

Hi Everyone,

Worldbridge of company, would like to look foreigner staff to fill below position:

1. Personal Assistance to CEO on Finance/Accounting (female)
2. Sales and Marketing Manager (female)

Good salary offers and benefits.

Interest candidates are kindly requested to submit their CVs to hrd[at]

Mr. Sopheak Phe
Human Resources and Administration Director

Hellow Julien.

I am very pleased for such a quick responce. I am searching for a flat for half a year in Venice. I am starting my Master in Lido this September and am looking for a cheap apartment offer. Can you help me anyhow?

Is there any web page where I can found flat offers for Venice, Lido or sth nearby?

Thanks everyone

Hi Polona and welcome on board!

You should probably have a look at the Venice housing section.
It should help ;)


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" Born to Back for Good "
Dit is eigenlijk een van mijn bericht titel in blogspot.
eigenlijk ben ik niet een expat, maar omdat de adoptie-ouders en mijn familie in Nederland, Ik ben heel blij in deze gemeenschap, plus nog veel meer gewend aan begeleiden van mijn ervaring met Nederlandse toeristen die naar Indonesië, een van de onvergetelijke ervaring van een leraar en rolmodel voor ik ben, kunt u lezen in een van mijn blog, dan kunt u in de nederlandse vrienden als iemand wil om te komen tot Indonesië Java en informatie over Indonesië vereisen, kunnen contact opnemen met mij..:)

Hello agungwest.

Can you please write in english on this Anglophone forum? :)

Thank you,

I am glad to find this blog, as director of a Bilingual School in Fortaleza, Brazil, we always posting new teaching positions, and hopefulyy this site will be a good help for me. Keep the good job.

Hi Aurelie, Greetings and friendship.
I'm sorry if my words are wrong there, I will be in English, before please be advised that there is in my grammar is not good, thanks for the input from you, I am happy to be in this community, and thank you also because it is in received in this community with a good :)

I do appreciate the way people are so available on this site; the way they are so eager and quick to improve things . I really wish one day people ask me what I can do to take part in improving things for free indeed; Believe me honest: This is among the best  sites and I wish I meet any student from the States to Gaston Berger University Senegal and vice versa once the sooner the better because I hope this is the only way . Thanks you too much. Alhassane in Dakar currently .

hi there

A couple of months we wrote suggesting you add Manta as a destination in very popular with expats

We did receive your written confirmation that this would be done, but until now....not there!!!


mike adams

Hi Mike,

I've checked, it's on our list. Thanks for the reminder ! (we are redesigning our database, it should be online soon)

All the best,


Hi Julien,

You Guys are doing a great Job congratulations.
Kindly assist me is there a problem, whenever i try to post a free advert, it never goes through

kind regards



could you please send me more details through the contact page ?

Please mention your browser and version.



Hi Julien,

I think your blog is great, but I need to issue a warning about your housing add section. I had placed an add for my apartment (now removed), and recently found out that someone else had contacted the people that replied to it, and had told them that he was me, that my apartment was rented, but that he knew of some other places. This must mean that some kind of housing agent has been able to enter my inbox and use the information there to contact and scam people? I hope you can look into this.

Kind regards, Margriet

Really? hmmm..:(

Forgot to say-this was in Amsterdam.

Hi Margriet,

he never had that kind of problem before. No one has access to your account, without knowing your password, which is encrypted in our database. We can't decrypt it, it's technically impossible. Or is your password something like "123456" or "password" ?

No, I don't have a simple password! How very strange. I also never accessed the site from any other computer than my own. I hope for everyone this is a single accident and won't affect any other user.

Phishing alert: please modify your password now please

how where people contacted ? by email or through the website ?

OK, I will modify the password ASAP. So far I know of 2 people who were contacted. In one case had sent an email with his phone number and then received a call by someone saying he was me. The other one via the web, but I am not sure how.

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