New one in Melbourne

I'm 24 and French.

I'm arrived in Melbourne 2 weeks before and I would like to meet people to have a drink, or see exhibition, discover Melbourne..

Let me know

Hey There, Im new to Melbourne too, only been here for 3 weeks. Maybe we could meet for drinks!

I would be joining Melbourne in about 10 days hope to meet u guys up there :)


Im moving to Melbourne in July 1st. I was  hoping to meet new friends there. Sad to say I don't  have friends and family/relatives there.

Hope we can meet up for drinks!


Hi James... what are you doing in Melbourne? Are you a new migrant or a tourist?

Hello Sybel! Good day! I am a new migrant. I was hoping to meet new friends there. Are you in Melbourne now? I hope we can meet up.:)

Hi everybody!

I am new in Melbourne. I arrived few weeks ago and would be glad to catch up  with people (French or not) for a drink.
Let me know if you're interested.

I live in Richmond and work in Southbank.



Just moved to Melbourne...Anyone out there...for a meet up..

i am Arun 31/m. i live in melbourne too. we can catch up sometime if u wish. i come from india, pondicherry which used to be a french territory in british india. i stay in clayton. how about u?. i work ass engineer for Toshiba Medical System. what abt u?

be in touch... we can definitely hangout.... i am a good cook too... lol.

cheers mate..


Hi everyone,

Im 23, arrived here couple of weeks back. I would like to be friends with anyone and explore this wonderful city together:) If anyone would be interest to be friends or hanging up with me do contact me.Thanks everyone:)

I'm also new here. I would love to get in touch with anybody. I'm into IT. Still looking for a job though, which gives me free time to meet with anyone for the meantime.

Ok. Now, I have  a  job. So, if anybody wants to meet it will have to be the weekends. :)

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