netball team looking for girls of all ages to join!

Hi all,

we are girls of all ages and walks of life playing netball in La Canyada, Valencia and we are looking for more girls to join! We play Mondays, 7 to 8.30 pm and have a little sit together with a glass of wine afterwards. The main thing is to have a good time and get some exercise done, so wheter you are an experienced netballer or have never played before, you are more than welcome to join!

Welcome to bettinavalencia!;)


Hi Bettina,

I am new here (and also German), your team sounds like fun! I have indeed never played netball before, but if this is not a problem for you guys, I'd like to give it a go.

Please let me know more.



Hi Victoria,

you are definitely very welcome and it doesn`t matter at all that you never played before - same here. It is a very english girl`s sport and it`s similar to basketball. A few rules are different, but you pick up quickly. And - as you say - it`s fun!
I am not sure if we will play during the easter holidays, how can I let you know?
Grüsse, Bettina

Hi Bettina, I haven´t played Netball since I was 10 (started playing soccer at school), but have fond memories of it. Didn´t think I´d ever see anyone playing it here. Just had twins and am really keen to get the heart rate up again, and would love to be part of a team.
Are you still playing? When? I´m in Masias (Moncada) so not too far away.

HI Rachel,

you are very welcome to join. We haven't played during the summer holidays and I suppose that we restart around the 10th of September. How can I let you know?

Great. You can write to me at rachael_loiis[at] Look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks.

I d love to join, ill be in valencia in three weeks? is that time enough?

No problem, if you also give me your contact (email) then I will let you know as soon as something happens - you can join whenever you like. regards

oh course, my email: lvknee[at]!x :)

Hi I'm from London played netball in the uk for years would really like to get involved can anyone help

Hi, I am also from England and would be really interested in playing netball too. Please could you provide me with some more information.


Hi my name is Vanessa and I have recently moved to Valencia. I am a primary school teacher and I am really interested in playing netball, I would be really happy if I could join you guys as I haven't played for a couple years and want to get fitter. Thank you

Hi, I know this post was a long time ago, but I was wondering whether you still have a netball team in Valencia? I'm moving to Valencia next summer with my 16 year old Daughter and shes asked me to check if any netball clubs are around as she loves the game! Could you help?

sorry, I can't be of any help there. Our team dissolved and I have no information of any other teams.

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