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Hello, everybody:  Does anyone know if Ecuador has caught up with Costa Rica, in terms of House Sittings either available, or House sitters who want to use such service?  I don't see a section under Ecuador for House-Sittings.  What do expats do, when they have to travel out of the country----especially if they have pets?

Would it be possible to start a new topic or category for Ecuador, called:
House-sittings?  Once there, people could log in to either search for a sitter, or the sitters could look for houses available to house-sit.  Any ideas on the subject?

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Godsangelsoverme is an amazing website devoted to placing pet/house sitters world-wide. At present there is a post from Cuenca looking for a pet sitter for a month.

Hello, dearest Penny:  You are a gem!!!thanks for letting me know.  I'm still debating if I should go to Costa Rica first, or to Ecuador.  I'll be ready as of May 1st., (I think)  but I plan on spending from May 1, to Jan. 2013 between Ecuador, and Costa Rica.
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My wife and I both tired are heading back to Ecuador in January 2016, we will be spending three months and are hoping to find a house sitting place not in but just outside  of the larger Towns. We have owned our property in Quebec since the early seventies , we have brought up three children in that house. Which gives you a little idea about us. I will gladly send you a good overview of what we are looking for as well as what we have to offer.
Stanley Neil

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