Qatar or Bahrain?

I have received same offers from different companies (one in Qatar and one in Bahrain).
Which place would You prefer to live? I'm moving alone for a while and thinking to move my family after an year or two.
Which place is more friendly to westerners?
Thank You very much for Your help!

Best Regards,

Hi Dispatcher,

Both countries Bahrain and Qatar are very friendly to Westerners, so there no worry in this regard.

Bahrain is more liberal than Qatar with a reasonable lifestyle and level of living.

The level of living in Qatar is quite high, specially when it comes to accommodation rentals, school fees ... etc.

So to answer your question with regard to "which place would you prefer to live?" ... I would say it depends on a simple comparison between your anticipated expenses & savings in both countries.

Let me know if you need more info.

Good Luck :)

Hi there, I would recommend Bahrain, but its your call in the end. I think bahrain is more open to expats then Qatar, also there is more to do there, don't let the conflict that u hear about bahrain bother you, its nothing really.

BTW im not Bahraini :) so not trying to promote Bahrain :)

Thank You all for Your good replies!
I accepted an offer from company in Bahrain.
See You there soon!

Wise decision Mate ... Good Luck :)

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