Housing options near University Town

Hi there-

I'm planning on relocating to Shenzhen in about a month, and I'll be working in Shenzhen's University Town, in the northwestern part of the city. The area is somewhat removed from the city center, so I'm wondering if anyone knows about the housing options available close to University Town itself; are there many apartment complexes, and if so, are they comparable quality-wise with Shekou or Futian apartments?

One more question: Does anyone know about commuting options to University Town? The subway system looks pretty inconvenient to get there if I ended up living near Coco Park or Shekou, but are there buses that would be more direct?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Hi bgpollok and welcome to!

Hope that you'll soon be enlightened.;)


There are plenty of apartment options in University Town but you are right, it is outside of the center and not convenient (fast) by metro. If you live in Coco park or Shekou it will take you about an hour each direction. Let me know if you need details.

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