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Hi beppy,

I used to work in sg some 3 years ago, for a different industry, now ic i'm back, i am applying for a different industry, i dont have my previous details anymore, do i need to declafe those? And will they still compare it to what info i have now?

Thanks for the quick response

I assume you are applying for another EP/S-Pass/WP.
In that case, MoM has and will look at your previous application data. If there are discrepancies or differences to information given in your new application, they will ask or reject your application.
So it is important to tell the truth - if this is what you are asking about.

Hi Beppi,

I am an Australian who recently got a job offer to work as a senior engineer in singapore for a large government organisation and after applying for my EP in late january only had a response rejecting my application yesterday. HR has advised that they will submit the appeal by end of this week.

I have requested details from HR regarding the details for the rejection but based off previous experience they have been less than forthcoming with providing me with certain details.

Just to give you a background on my situation
I have a degree in engineering (graduating with first class honours) degree in business (graduating with distinction), diploma in engineering practice & diploma in project management. 5 years post graduate experience and 3 years undergraduate work experience in the engineering field. I have read about the shortage of skilled/experienced engineers in singapore and thought it would be easy to get my visa approved.

I cant really think of any reason why they would reject my application? Any idea so I can improve my chances on the appeal? Should I be worried?


Could it be that your salary is below or above market norms?
With all your various certificates and work experience, it is difficult for me to give an estimate of what you should earn, but maybe you havedone some research before and have an idea. My best guess is that you should be in the S$7000-12000/month range, but I might be wrong here.
Other than that, I see nothing wrong in your profile.

The average singaporean wages for an engineer are a lot lower than that of australia and yes i am taking a significant pay cut for this job in singapore albeit the different tax regimes but i really want the international experience.

After researching the average wage of a senior engineer my offered salary would be on par with the local conditions.

Worst part is I've tried to do the right thing by my current employer and advise them of my intentions to leave as we are very short staffed and work on critical public infrastructure projects, some of which have been cancelled on  the expectation that I would be leaving my current job. I'm really hoping the appeal is approved in a timely manner.

Your company should contact MoM and ask for the rejection reasons - they do not always tell them, but it is worth a try so they can address the right issues in the appeal (an appeal without additional information that was not submitted before is a waste of time!). Sometimes it helps to be persistent and press for a personal meeting with the MoM officer-in-charge (to which they could bring you along to show seriousness).
Good luck!

Hi. I just finally found a job and the company is applying a S pass for me.

But it has been 7 weeks since the application date and the application status I checked on the MOM website is still pending. Is it normal....

I am an Indonesian graduated from a local poly and is under the tuition grant bond that requires me to work in Singapore to pay off my bond. I am really depressed since it has been a year since I graduated, and I have no job and the MOE says they will prompt me to pay for my bond if I can't find job. But honestly I really want to work but when I ask the agent that applied for my application, the agent told me MOM asked for company info prior to my enquiry, and now MOM still reviewing and told us to wait.

I have been waiting for so long and I heard from some acquaintances from private school only took 3 or 4 weeks to get approval for their application. helpppp

Hi anivre, first and foremost thing is don't lose hope and wait for the final outcome.

Secondly, if you see other threads in this forum, people are waiting more than2 months (in some cases). So, it's now a trend that MoM takes longer than usual 1 month time frame.

Thirdly, do not compare your case with someone else as each case has its weightage and merit. MoM does consider each case on its own merit.

Wish you all the best.

Hi surya2k.

maybe I'm just too impatient. thank you.


Here is a quick sum up of my situation:

I was offered a job at the end of May 2017 in a large MNC company with over 15,000 employees WW.
On the 24th of May we started the process to get an EP through an agent. The company usually goes through this agent for all visas.
I have 2.5 years experience in my field and have worked in the past for this company as an intern. I graduated with a Master's Degree from a top 10 Business School in France and have a Bachelor Degree from Australia.
In terms of salary, the company offered me 4.5K annually. I believe that the minimum requirement is 3.3K now, so I don't really see this as being the problem.

After 3 weeks the verdict is "Rejected", without any clear reason on why it has been rejected.
I have provided copies of my degrees, so I am not really sure what else I can give on my behalf in terms of documentation for the appeal to be successful.

Last but not least. I used to hold Singapore citizenship, but decided to renounce it when I was 21 (I am now 27). I believe that this could be the reason why my EP was rejected, but wouldn't my status indicate this, or at least indicate that there is no point for me to apply for an EP because of this criteria?

I've contacted both the agent and the company in order to move forward with an appeal. Hopefully things work out, but at this point I am highly skeptical on the outcome.
Any chance an S-Pass could work instead of an EP?

I'd be glad to have your opinions on my case.

Thanks a lot and best of luck to everyone in the same situation :)

Zizoux10: As I pointed out to you on the other thread where you posted the same, the reason for your EP rejection in that you renounced your Singapore citizenship. You will not be allowed to work or live in Singapore ever again. Sorry, but you better look for other countries instead.

Hi I'd just like to ask, my husband is currently working in Singapore and was initially approved for an E Pass. The company had it renewed last year and was then approved again for same pass. This year, MOM rejected it twice. His employer is currently going to reappeal the decision for the third time. He doesn't know exactly why he was rejected, all he was told is that he isn't qualified. What does that mean exactly?? Thank you to who will answer. We really are on our wit's end

If he had an EP before, but is not eligible any more now, it can only be because the criteria tightened and he is outside of the allowed range now.
What is his salary, education, job description?

5,000SGD, he has a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and he has 10 years of experience. He also has ITIL certification and he's a certified Trend micro security expert. He's currently a field engineer in Singapore. Is there anything we can still do?? His pass is expiring before the end of the month

The salary is definitely on the low side. He can use the SAT toll on MoM's webpage to figure out if this is the reason and how much he needs to earn to rectify it. If so, he should ask the employer to give him a raise to the required level.

We tried to use SAT and the result was that he could likely be approved for an S Pass only..  Do you happen to know how much the range is for E Pass? Also, is it possible to just downgrade his pass to probably Q1 and still have the same salary?

The minimum salary for an EP depends on eduication, experience and job descrioption and is not published (but can be deduced through the SAT tool).
Your result meant he's below the minimum. He can try to get an S-Pass instead (or ask the company for a raise until the SAT shows eligible for EP).
The EP classes ("Q1") have been abolished a while ago.

we tried SAT again and the minimum salary for him to be approved (based on SAT) is 6,500SGD which we believe will not be given by his employer.... What are the chances of being approved to downgrade his pass to S Pass? Does downgrading the pass mean that his salary will go down with it as well?

There is a chance that he can get S-Pass instead, at the same salary.
But this depends on the employer, as they need to pay a monthly levy to the government for each S-Pass holder - and they need an available space in their foreigner quota!

If he gets a new job, will he be approved for a new pass?

A new job means a new EP (or S-Pass) application, which is evaluated on its own merit (but with the same criteria). You cannot tell beforehand, whether it will be approved or not.

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