snooker/billiards practice partner in Jeddah

Hi everyone,

I arrived in Jeddah 2 weeks ago and lookign for a snooker/billiards/pool practice partner when not teaching... any offers?

im game
let me know if youre keen

sounds good to me just let me know when pm me with your number and ill text you number

Hey ClaireCraigMurphy

I would be very happy to oblige, however, I am stuck here in Taif and not due to arrive in jeddah for at least another month, but would be glad to meet up with you and play a few frames when i eventually get there.

ready at weekends :)

Up for the practice. Let me know if you are still looking.

Still looking just let me know when guys

me and my friend play snooker every thusday friday and sunday ...if you are interested to play and wana join us call him ****

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I am in and mostly im free at evening....but i only know billiards. Let me know if you are intrested

you can join us bro ..

great Umar Khan....when and where :)

can you give me your number so that i will call you ... we go after esha mostly in azizia ... i think the place where we go is called 9ball .. call me *** we going at 6

Dear All,

I have a friend who has started Jeddah snooker federation.

If you guys are interested in participating you can contact him.

You can contact him


yeah sure brother ...

Hi Tim,

I would definitely be up for a game on a regular basis, I take it you have a venue? I have tried to find a snooker hall in Jeddah but although there re two in my Satnav when I get to the location they don't exist.  you can e-mail me at ***

We play on every weekend, it's. A nice group if you guys are interested just pm me!!

Hi, I am looking for the same. Are you still on? If yes you can give me a call, ***.

Hi Andreas,

I am not in Jeddah any longer but if you can find the Sultan Garden Centre of Tahlia street the Snooker hall is 150 yards past that (traveling towards the Turkish Embassy).  You shouldn't miss it as there is a huge sign with an 8 Ball on it just where you turn off the main road to get to the place.

Happy potting.


Thanks Les, I'll give it a try today even. Cheers!

woo woo
that is really competitive and exited subject. We are all in at the moment but who knows who become available during the that moment?
I would suggest to all to meet up in a place that you guys decide with a specific date and time  :)
we all can make a new friends and getting social!

and yeah im in if possible :)
Good luck to you all!


Hi Taz. What you say we make the start?
When are you available for a match?
You can call me if you like.

hello there... i am also looking for a billard player ( playing billards) as a past time during Week Ends (friday). we also have a group but we didnt play outside, we wanted to play but were a little bit shy, thinking there are so many filipino's who is much better playing than us thats why were just playing here inside of our accommodation... you can call on my number 0536976727 if you want to meet us...

best regards

Hi Adios,
It seems i cannot send more pms. Can you sms me?

hi all! Though not professional, i play with friends regularly. we would prefer playing snooker with a team but dont mind playing billiard too.
We are planning to go to 8Ball (near sultan garden) on Saturday and would like to invite you to play with us. You may send me a message here or contact on whats app at ***

hi I live in taif and I am looking to purchase a full size snooker table does anyone know a good source (second hand)

I am Pakistani .. moved In Jeddah from London . and I respect this Elite Game of Snooker :-)
PM me your numbers so we can make a Snooker Gang :-) and Play Frames :)

Hey man did you find any snooker place in jeddah if you did then let me know so we can play some snooker i didnt play from long time i wanna start again
You can contact me ***

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Update on Snooker place near Sultan Garden: The building is demolished and that place does not exist anymore.
If anyone knows a good place to play Snooker, pls share the location here.

i would to start

Hi guys..just joined. Love snooker but have not played in a while (except on my mobile that is..haha).. I am sure there are a few snooker halls in Jeddah. I know one in one of the back roads of Tahlys street but it is too noisy (too many kids). I prefer the one one Hail street behind the tailor shops as it is quite and not overcrowded. Any one who wants to partner with me on weekends is welcome, but better be ready for a few 147 breaks ..

Hello Yousef :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in our leisure & Activities field of our Jeddah Classifieds so as to easily reach out to more members interested in Snooker who are currently in Jeddah


Hi am free from 6 pm to 2 am **

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Hello Guys!!
My name is Bashaar Mohammed and i am looking for a partner who can play snooker with me as i am new in jeddah region so don't know any places where i can go and play.

If any one is interested in playing with me can call me **

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hey brother i am bashaar mohammed and even i have not played snooker since long time and even i wanna start it now please do share me the location o else call me **

kenjee :

Hello :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in our leisure & Activities field of our Jeddah Classifieds so as to easily reach out to more members interested in Snooker who are currently in Jeddah


I would like to join any snooker groups or find a partner . I know if 2 nice snooker places. You can inbox me your number if interested. Thanks

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Hi friends, i m from pakistan and  i am new here in jeddah ,saudia arabia. looking for some snooker event   can you help me out to know when and where it takes place so i can participate .

I m very much thankful :)

Once you are free call me on *** i will share you the location for the club.

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