Is it just me or foreigners have no opportunites whatsoever here ?

what is the situation now in hiring foreigners  in healthcare sphere? as i heard due to some crises in Asian region the government closed the flow of immigrants and suspended the issuance of visas. Is it really?

What crisis?

Some foreign worker service jobs in hospital sector but that's about all.

Plenty of local candidates for healthcare jobs and move to get local graduates employed, so immigration does not approve applications for foreigners unless they have special skills not available here.

Cost of the employment pass is only 318 RM according to ESD's Website:

I will move to KL the next week, I am a telecommunication engineer, I speak 3 languages (english, french and spanish), and I have 2 years of experience.
I'am really optimist and I think I can find a job in my 3 firts months ( tourist visa).
Do you still thinking it's that hard to find a job there?
And, do you have some contacts in IT companies or telecommunications business?
Thanks in advance!

The situation has deteriorated further because of ASEAN collaboration which is bringing in more professional labour from those countries as part of the agreements. The other issue is that there are  direct government to government hiring systems in place cornering the market. This route is popular because many speak languages used locally plus English. Lastly, because of solving unemployment among Malaysian youth, employers are opening up jobs to fresh grads and training. Unless you have any specialist skills not available locally immigration are not approving employment passes.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons: (40 foreign companies have moved out of Malaysia in the past 4 years) … st-4-years

wats the update now??
anygood news??

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MAY i know what company accepts filipino most specially in BPO companies. Planning to apply as a tourist for the mean time

I think it's hard to find a job in Malaysia for foreigners because the government policies motivate companies to hire locals one, They want to train the local and young fresh people, But if you are skilled man in your field you may find a job through the job agencies, Anyway still I think is hard to find job in Malaysia. better to try Singapore.


I was able to get a job. I just passed my interview last wednesday. Hoping my partner can land a job as well. May I know if they accept walk in for tourist?

It depends on your nationality. For some country, they will give you tourist visa for 2 months and more and for other countries they just issue tourist visa for 2 weeks.

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Hi guys!

I am also looking for a job in KL. I have a personal reason to stay there, thus ANY job I'm capable of can do. I'm Ukranian, 25 y.o. Now I'm in China.

Text me in case you have something on your mind.

I'm surprised if any foreigner could actually get a decent job in Malaysia, as the locals are struggling too under this economic climate. Also, Malaysia has one of most competitive business environment (efficiency, price and quality) in the world stage and that, comes with a price in itself.

Well, I know some stories that people actually have quite normal jobs there. Just nobody tells how did they apply though (sic!)

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