I really need help!!

Hi everyone!!

I really need your help!

Here is the point: I'm arriving in London next Saturday and I have nowhere to live. I had my couzin living in Shadwell, but she gives up on me at the very last time (to be more precise... Yesterday...)!

So I am really in trouble.

I'll be in internship in Lewisham but I don't want to live there as people largely advise me to not stay in this place.

So I am looking for a flat share or a house share, near Lewisham, in a not dangerous place!
Do you have some advises for me, do you know websites or anything which could help me to find a place? or if one of you is looking for a room mate... LOL
I am French, and at present I am still in France so, I 'll be able to visit only since saturday in the afternoon, as it is really late and i can't come in london this week.

Thank you in advance for your help!
I hope I'll find something before I leave..

Best regards,

Hi Tititia, have you tried to post an advert in the Flat share section of London classifieds?;)

It may help,


I'll try that!

Thank you!

I may have a place where you can stay-
although it may be a little far. It's in west London
Just outside the tube station where you can get
a straight tube to Lewisham- no change.
Please email me your details if you are interested
Selma7866[at] or do you have a Facebook
Account? Good luck :)

Google ... - you will for sure find something on one of those even if it is just temp till you find what you want. Good Luck


Thank you for your help!

I'll try the websites! Thank you Louis.Welge!
And thank you selma2012 for your offer!


Good Luck

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