Getting 'PACSed'

Hi all.

Has anyone been through the PACS process, or know anyone (foreign) who has? I'm just looking for more information (ie. first hand experiences!) than I can find online, so if yes, please let me know!



I guess it Will be thé same process than to be married : Howard coule it be différent ? But i don t Know really, sorry

Only just seen this post. My partner and I got Pacsed last year. No problems, no fuss. The couple ahead of us were both Dutch. You just need to get some documents together. Evidence of ID and address, a letter from your embassy confirming that you are legally free to enter a Pacs (UK and Canada were both very efficient and are used to doing this), a letter from the Tribunal of Grand Instances in Paris (not your local one unless you are French). Take it all along to the local Tribunal de Grand Instance, they will check it all. Then all it takes is the signing of a document. No witnesses, no big deal. About half of all French couples now Pacs instead of marrying, and of course gender is irrelevant, all that is required is that there are only two you and both human. The following link is a good overview in English:
Good luck.

Thanks :)

Hi!  Me and my partner (both EU) are looking to get PACSed too.  I've been told it's really simple, but can't find a simple guide to doing it on the internet.  Unfortunately the AngloInfo link above isn't working anymore.  Did you do it in the end and can you give me an 'Idiots Guide' to getting it done?

Hi Alyson
It really was very easy. Here's a link to a blog post that I wrote about it :
Blog post PACS
Plus you can check out the Anglo Info website directly.
Good luck !

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