I'm a girl, my name is SYLVIE.
I'm from belgium, I'm 33.
my boyfriend is Irish and planning to move to UK soon so I'd like to follow him and live+find a job in Liverpool.
can u help me get a job over there + tell me more about the city?
thanks a lot for all your messages

Maybe you should have a look at the Work section in the England guide.

Hi Slyvie,
I'm new to this forum. I am from Liverpool originally, Its a very cosmopolitan city these days.
If you are looking fo find accomodation; I would say areas like Woolton Village/Gateacre/Hunts Cross are a good bet. That's where I am from and there are lots of shops and parks nearby.
Job wise, there is a recession so it could be tricky. If you need any more help, just let me know.

Bienvenue Sylvie en Angleterre.
Ca fait 6 ans que j'habite a cote de Liverpool.
Les gens sont tres chaleureux dans la region, et niveau boulot ils n'hesitent pas a employer des jeunes. Vous cherchez dans quel domaine?

I am Laure,and I am planning to move to liverpool,first to complete a master's degree and finance,and secondly to settle in UK
Does anyone own a one bedroom flat,or a studio not far from Mount Pleasant,L3?
There are some ads on websites, and two people offered to rent their flat to you have advice on renting?traps to avoid?I cannot move to Liverpool before september.will it be too late then,to find a place to stay,for at least a year?


I'm in liverpool! did you find something in Mount pleasant?


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Hello xalvarezx,

Please post on the Spanish Version of the forum! Besides your message is completely offtopic in this thread. :/

Thanks for your comprehension.

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