dental clinic in kuwait

hey all!!

where i can find a good dentist here in kuwait..??

waiting ur replies :)
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There's a really good dentist called Dr.Fadi Syriani at the International Clinic in Salmiya. It also depends on what you want to do and if you have insurance, check before to make sure whatever you want to do is covered by your insurance.

You can also check newspapers, they post about lots of dental clinics here in Kuwait.

hey sahar!
thnx for ur reply, i have apicoectomy (jra7et 3a9ab)..i think its called like that as i searched in the internet...i had a bad experience in one clinic here...regarding the insurance (hospital i dont pay at all...clinics i have to pay then i can claim to the insurance company)

i'll check wht u recommended...u heard about hekma clinic?


Sahar said the right thing.... there is one new dental clinic in salmiya, sharam amman, virtus dental clinic, i heard they have good dental doctors



A lot of my Western friends go to the International Clinic in Salmiya.  My wife prefers the dental office inside of the Al Manshar Mall in Fahaheel.  If you have the S.A.I.C. (Saudi Arabian Insurance Company) then, I think you would like the office in Fahaheel.  My wife has been going there about a year, has had some implants put in and is getting two teeth replaced.  She's very happy with their work.

thank u all for ur replies !!


hi, i want to ask.if how much is the price of dental removable crown here in kuwait tnx

Hi Hilwa05,

This thread is an old one, you might not get any updates. Maybe you could contact the professional listed in the Dentists in Kuwait section of the business directory and inquire.

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I personally like Al-Fouzan Clinic in Al-Muhallab Complex, Hawally.

Good luck.

i just want to ask the cost  regarding tooth extraction? May i ask your advise which dental clinic i go, i want the cheaper price.

Dr Lutfi in AlSalam hospital at the messilah building ground floor: 22232055

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