Moving to the Philippines and leasing a coffeeshop/resort?

Hello everybody :)

My husband and I would love to move to the Philippines next year for a year or two. It is just to get away from the western lifestyle, so we are aiming for a simple living. However, spending a whole year in a hammock is not our thing, so we would like a small business on the side just to keep us occupied. And because my dream has always been to have my own resort - which is impossible for us since we are not Philippines.

We would like to find a place we can lease, such as a small beach resort or a small coffee shop, while we are there. But I have looked everywhere but I cannot seem to find any online listings with such places?

Is it impossible to find a place to lease for such a short time?
Would we need to move to the Philippines before looking and then talk to people and spread the rumor that we are interested?
Is it a real hassle in regards to paperwork, taxes et.c.?

If it seems to impossible to find a lease, I have thought about some voluntary work which we might be able to do while living there.

Hope to hear from you :)


One possibibly is to periodically check "Craigslist-Philippines" then click on the city you plan to go to, click on "Business"
for sale - lease "classifieds."

I often check this site for property & houses for sale or lease to stay informed of current costs & leasing info. for the various neighborhoods. The ads often include photos of the property for sale or lease.

Another possibility is to check business for sale classifieds in the on-line newspapers of the various cities you prefer such as Manila newspapers, Cebu Sun-star, etc.

Hope this is of some help.

I wish you the best in your search.

Never mind finding a busness for sale or lease. Seems that non Philippino citizens are not allowed to own a business or even run a business in their own name. Such a shame. Makes you wonder what they mean when they call a Foreigner an investor or businessman. If you marry a local it still makes no difference. Im not going to get into politics, but it sucks.

The system is biast towards "protecting" the local population but dont get me on that one when we allow anyone to open shop in our home countries lol..

You can own 40% of the business but getting back on track if your stopping short term I simply wouldnt bother, it takes time to build up a reputation unless you spending a lot of money and location is the key thing. There are resorts all over the place that are pretty much ghost towns as there is a severe lack of tourists. Statistics :-

China - 500,000 British tourists 2008
Thailand - 880,000 British tourists 2008
Philippines 70,000 British tourists 2008

Statistics say it all. Yes there are Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Americans and 101 other countries tourists come from but truth is its not a market you can just move into short term.

Hi Madam Karla,

That'll be a good start moving here. Though your plans' still far from future, I'm welcoming you in advance. There are lots of nice people here whom you can trust and be your friends...:) Mabuhay kayo!

God speed.

Hey Karla!

Just a thought, you might want to consider launching your own business (as low as $200 CDN) that you own, but are not solely reliant on 100% of your own efforts in said business; meaning, the business is yours, but your income is derived from a small percentage of a whole lot of other people's efforts, verses 100% of your own.

"The New Professionals' as I've pinned it, is what I do; I teach people how to take back financial control, to enable them to decide what is closest to their hearts that they would like to do, without the bondage of not having the money to make it happen. Also, my company has just launched into the Philippines (Canada, USA already), and soon into Australia and New Zealand.

If this intrigues you at all, it would save me looking to much further into finding a partner in the Philippines, and in turn, I could send you and your husband a business overview, via email for your review.

Either way, congrats on whatever your decision is; I admire your courageous and adventurous spirit...and I hear you when it comes to getting away from the western lifestyles.


Hi Karla

Hope I am not too late.. I have been surfing the web for ages as I am looking to immigrate to CEBU in the philippines sooooon.
check out the following website: this is a huge resort (el Paradiso)with great rentals & believe it or not they have a restaurant to Lease forEuro 285.00, but contact them to check the details

Hope its right for you & maybe see u there:D:

Hi Karla,

Mabuhay! Welcome to the new possibilities of living in the Philippines. We recently moved in from Southern California with my American husband, daughter and my parents-in law.
You can definitely own your business here and that's what we are doing. There is a process that you have to take to have a permanent visa here which I can share with you. You still have one year to prepare so there are a lot of things that you can do to get ready for the big move.
I can provide you options to choose from for the different locations you can live in depending on your budget.
It is always best to rent first and find time to search the areas that you are interested in so you can make a wise decision where to permanently live in.
WE just saw a vast beautiful land in Batangas area (Southern Luzon)  where we can actually build a retirement and wellness community for Americans. Other nationalities will be welcomed but our primary market are Americans.
There are a lot of beach front properties since Philippines has 7100 islands. A lot of foreigners married to Filipinas have purchased their own islands and started their own resorts later on. I myself would like to have my own beachfront property as one of the places I would like to visit on different times of the year.
Check out my blog website
and the main website for more information on retiring and living in the Philippines.
I can assist you better if I know more information about you and your plans...

Looking forward in seeing you soon.

Hi Karla,

If you are currently looking for a nice place to stay in the Philippines or somewhat you can call a HOME you can buy a resort-living condominium units situated in Metro Manila.

The price of the units are very affordable compare to other units located in the business districts such as Makati and Ortigas. Units are just a few minutes aways from major establishments such as malls, school, hospitals, etc.

One good thing about the place and the community, it is very relaxing. An avenue to be free from stress.

You can check some of the pictures that I posted on this forum.

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Hi Karla ,,
if you want a resort for 2 years pls visit [moderated: no free ads in your very first messages] , its the only resort on this island 45 min from Surigao city by boat,, there is a house and water ,,elec,,generator.;;


It may be difficult to lease an existing business as no one would want to just hand over a successful operation to a stranger. It is very possible to lease a space and put up your own business. You will need to incorporate with local Filipino partners (any attorney can handle this for you for a reasonable fee). I have 3 businesses up and running here.

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