Getting married in Ethiopia

Dear how are you what happened to your love what is the condition going now for you please give me reply other wise contact me in gmail: ++++

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Dear what happened to ur condition please give me reply other wise contact me in

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If anyone is a U.S. citizen and is either already married to or who plans to marry a Ethiopian citizen in Ethiopia and need help with the yellow card process, then let me know.  This particular process has to do with your STATE issued U.S. birth certificate and the required Authentication attachments which can only be taken care of from here in America.  There are various levels of authentication that you will need to obtain prior to your arrival in Ethiopia for the purpose of applying for a yellow card.  The information I have will save you disappointment in arriving in Ethiopia with the expectations of getting a yellow card, only to be told that your birth certificate is not authenticated.  And NO you can NOT simply take your birth certificate to the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia to have it authenticated.  This authentication process WILL ABSOLUTELY seem very confusing to you until you have someone who can easily break down the step by step formula, in laymen terms to you.  After which your understanding of authentications and exactly what you need to do will be clear.

[Moderated] I had fooled by an Ethiopian girl. Not only me I heard many conditions like this. While you are separating you will face alot problems.

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Hey everyone,

I was recently married in Australia to my Ethiopian husband. We are going back to live in Ethiopia soon. When can I be entitled to a yellow card? What documents must I take to the government office? Is it easier to just get married again?

I need help please ***

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Sorry that you met this unpleasant situation.  Scams come in all forms and shapes.  Gentlemen beware,   when street prostitution becomes high risk, meaning  the prostitutes likelihood of being arrested, then they turn to a more subtle form (via sham marriages).  These terrible ladies know what they are doing, but you the  "groom" victim have no idea.  If you want to learn more about the marriage-prostitution syndicate through sham marriages, google Russian brides/mail order fiancees.  Your abusers may have been Ethiopian based, but there is too much fraud going on in the world of dating and marriage these days.  The only difference between the Russian bride mafia and the Ethiopian prostitutes is that the latter have not yet caught on the sophistication of using the internet to market fake brides that will milk your entire savings dry,  before you become the next victim of a black widow.  Men, be careful, not all that glitters is gold.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  Get a local girl you have a chance to meet in "normal conditions"  and be content. Thanks.

Need info on process to attaining legal permanent resident status

What if you are a naturalized citizen of USA married to an Ethiopian for more than three years, seeking a yellow card?

@Tominar.I am a native Ethiopian woman and that is the most wrong review i ever came across.Just cause u loved and married the wrong woman,which by the way says more about your taste in women than Ethiopian women,it doesn't give you neither the liberty nor the knowledge to say what you just said about Ethiopian women.You couldn't be more wrong about EVERYTHING u wrote.
First you said you dont even need to dress up for the wedding ceremony.INCORRECT.Ethiopian weddings are done real big as they are recognized as important events.UR WIFE SIMPLY DIDN'T WANT ONE.
second you said u let her fill the paper work and it came out wrong.UR WIFE WAS PROLLY LESS THAN SMART.OR MAYBE SHE DIDN'T KNOW UR NAME PROPERLY.Cause this marriage didnt seem like one of love.
N last ure not financially responsible for anyone other than ur wife just like the rest of the world.
Ethiopian woman are nothing like the rubbish you described.

If you are a single white man/woman living in Ethiopia, it wouldn't even be necessary to have this discussion about marriage. Ethiopians will queue for you to start a relationship with the "ferengi". On Monday you can have one, and on Tuesday another one.

Hello everyone,

Please note that this thread is from 2012, however your feedbacks are welcomed but try to focus on the essentials of post #1, the formalities.

Thank you in advance,

Hi This Silver

This topic is interesting
I live in Europe for a while now, and I have seen men and women taken for advantage in foreign relationship, what I know is just us...we fail to see the warning signs...u know when u feel the kind of love that blots out all bad and just reveals all the good... Thats what happens...I met a nice Ethiopian man... I like him a lot...but this time I just getting to know him...

Did you managed with finding the Ethiopian man?

It is just easy to handle and all  Ethiopians feel happy on someones wedding and love to participate and celebrate the occasion.........

Hey dudes. Good thread. Confusing to find the exact thing i want answered, so here my q:
I am getting married to my gf from and in ethiopia. i am citizen of germany. i need my passport but what else? anything? I want this done without the formality nonsense and headaches that kill the vibe and spirit of it all. so please let me know if the passport is sufficient and what else if anything i absolutely need.
thanks in advance.
love E!

Do you have a marriage certificate! I think that is also necessary,

I don't and it seems difficult to get as I am now not in germany.
i have an appointment with german embassy for the 30th. 
they are terrible with citizen service and give no information other than through appointments.
that is why i need to know what exactly i absolutely need from them to be able to proceed without bureaucratic quickksand.

Ethiopia007. About the Yellow ID by Marriage (now Blue) . Your post which was in 2012, and having been married for 5 years puts your next renewal probably in 2017. They are currently not renewing for applicants by Marriage. Instead they will offer you a 1 year green ID.

What  exact document you presented  when you got married...did they ask about  freeto marry  status...or if you where divorced  in the past..or not...

Hallo to everyone on this forum. My name is Milos. I am from Serbia...Europe.I am 52 years old.Devorced from first wife and married with Ethiopian lady since August 2016. We married in Addis Ababa. I got to Addis with two friends to be my witnesses on wedding ceremony.I start dating to my wife Selamawit on 2014 on internet. After a couple of months she visited me here in Serbia.She was here in Serbia 3 months and when her tourist visa expired she return to Ababa. After a couple of monts she come back again to Serbia and spend another 3 months with me. We decided to get married in Addis Ababa because of her family. And we did it. I meet her family...most of them are very educated people. Her family was happy because we are also same religion...Cristian Orthodox. When she was here she have seen everything...My house,my daughters(two daughters 26 and 23 years old),my family...I am not reach guy...Normal house,good salary...After we got married,we moved to Serbia. She got one year visa,and after 3 years she can apply for Serbian citizenship.She is pregnant and we expect our boy on  10 of July...Now about my Selamawit...She is one angel !!! She is 30 years old, I am 52. I must force my wife to buy something...Clothing or something else...In the morning when she wake up she ask first what I want...My family,my friends love my Selamawit...She is so nice and quiet.Real woman !!! I thank to dear God for my happiness !!! I am writing this topic because of her and other Ethiopian ladies like her...Everywhere around the your country,my country are bad and good persons...but who are we to judge them ?   Some people were not lucky to found good person...Thanks God I am not one of them. If you are not happy...devorce...We all make mistakes...But to generalize whole population...I think it is very wrong... I was in Ethiopia, I love this people. I am just mad on European and US politic about Ethiopian people...but this is politic and this is not my goal on this topic.This topic I wrote here because I thing that I owe this to my Selamawit !!! God bless you all.

Hi milos, my name is Ron and I live in England. I too married a lovely Ethiopian lady called alemshet, she lives in dire dawa. We married in Addis last August. We hoped that alemshet would be able to come to England and live with me but the government have put so many restrictions on her coming here that they have made it impossible for that to happen. We then decided that I should move to dire dawa. This idea is also proving difficult. I have a friend who lives in Addis and he made enquiries for me. Apparently I have to get a job, then after that l can get a residency card. I am 67 and retired. With all my pensions added up, my income is 3 times that of an Ethiopians average wage. I don't need a job. Do you milos, or anybody else out there who could give me any advice on moving to Ethiopia. I would be grateful. Regards Ron.

Dear Mister Ron, I really do not know the Ethiopian laws because I am really not thinking to move there. Everything is very complicated in Ethiopia. When I was there I was trying to establish business...To export from Serbia second hand bakery machines. This is mission impossible. I feel very sorry for this people. Nobody deserve to have such a complicated government.But, with your income you can live like a king in Gambia or some other Country in Africa. My friends were working in Gambia.Africa is very beautiful and majority of people are very good. Lot of retired people from UK,Belgium,Holland etc,live there now. From UK to Gambia fly ticket is very cheap.Ocean is beautiful.Find someone from your country who lives there. Or,if you still want to go to Ethiopia contact some lawyers there. I do not know about the other cities because I was only in Addis Ababa. But I can tell you one thing. Live in Addis Ababa is not cheap...Some things are lot cheaper here in Europe then there.This people pay for old Russian Lada car 4000-5000 euros...Chicken is lot cheaper in Serbia then there. For Toyota car 1991 in Germany pay you to take it,or give you for free...In Addis they pay about 6000 euros for such a car.To have decent apartment in Addis,be prepared to pay from 200 to 600 euros...etc. You are retired,you have good retirement comparing to their salary,and they want you to work...Nonsense... Do not get me wrong.I love people there.If the situation was different,I will consider to move there.But right way.Business people in Ethiopia,if they want to import equipment to work,they need to wait from 1-3 months to get foreign currency from bank to pay this equipment.Everything is very...very complicated.But Mister Ron,do not give up...My part of story is only about Addis Ababa.Just continue to talk to people. I hope that someone will give you the answer.Good luck and God bless you.

Same will be problem if someone wants to start import of Marble.?


1st Step: If American or other country, set and appointment (online) prior to arriving in Ethiopia at your country Embassy.

2nd Step: Request for a Affidavit of Single Status, from your country embassy (ensure you have all your wife data ie. date of birth either Ethiopian Calendar year or regular year, her full name, location as to where she stays in Ethiopia/district.  Also if you were married before recommend you bring your divorce paperwork because you will need it later if your embassy does not ask for it).

3rd Step: You embassy will notarized your affidavit with your their embassy seal.

4th Step: You will take your Affidavit of Single Status, with your passport, her birth certificate, and her Affidavit of Single Status from her ministry, then you will proceed to the Ethiopian Ministry of Affairs which is on Kazache street on the back side of Bole street.

5th Step: Take all of your paperwork with you and your will need 345 Bir's (about $15 American dollars) for them to process your paperwork, which will take a few minutes, then the will stamp your paperwork.  Now you are finished at the ministry.

6th Step: You will head to your fiancée's home district/ ie city hall where she lives to complete your marriage paperwork.

7th Step, Note: This step is the hardest, because you will need somebody to translate their form in you native language for you if your fiancée cant do it (in which you shouldn't have any problem), but the form is very simple, also with this, you will need to bring four witness with you! two (2) for her and two (2) witness for you.

8th Step: Then they will have you both sign a ledger (in a private room with your witnesses) with some other paperwork, and that's it, they will bring you both marriage certificates, also I forgot to tell you that you both will need 3-4 ea passport photo's for the marriage certifcates before you arrive, you can get that at any photo shop.  An that completes all your step's and you are finished.   

Donot bring a Affidavit of Single Status that you can print offline from your country notarized, they didn't except mine at the ministry, because they wanted the embassy stamp from my native country embassy (US) that is in Ethiopia.

Also, if you are thinking about registering at your country embassy to get married, forget it!  You are are limited for time in Ethiopia, the embassy want you to set another appointment, which could be days, then you come back, my recommendation is to go and do the traditional way, it's faster, and you can get your Ethiopian marriage certificate translated in your native country while you are their from Amharic for me I had it translated to English, but that's the simple way if you are pressing for time.

If you start in the morning, you can be finished and married by noon, that day!

That's it....I know, I just recently got married finally:)

Ditto!  @   I could not have said that better. Thank you for saying what so few think, but are fearful of stating so that  those who rose from a spirituality empty culture can feel good about themselves.

I assure you, this is not the reality of matrimony in Ethiopia.

Hi ,
I just want information regarding getting Ethiopian marriage certificate. One of my friend Indian girl has married to an Ethiopian boy, 2 years back. Marriage happened in Ethiopia itself..  Actually they did nikah since they r Muslims.. but they didn't apply for their marriage certificate yet. So how to apply!? And documents required !? Can anybody let me know...!?

Hi ,
I just want information regarding getting Ethiopian marriage certificate. One of my friend Indian girl has married to an Ethiopian boy, 2 years back. Marriage happened in Ethiopia itself..  Actually they did nikah since they r Muslims.. but they didn't apply for their marriage certificate yet. So how to apply!? And documents required !? Can anybody let me know...!?

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