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Ok I am American and I want to get married in Medellin, Colombia this month or next month. These documents are driving me crazy! So far I have a birth certificate, marital status, and copy of my passport apostilled. I know that I need to translate my documents......Does the translations have to be apostilled too? What else do I need to do so I can complete this process?

Thank you very much!

Everything that I see here is 3 + year old news. I am about to get married in Colombia if we can find a reasonable notario. I was given information by Claudia the secretary of notario 12 she told me that notarias 5 to 13 in Medellin are all experienced with Colombian/Foreign marriages. requirements may vary slightly but the basic are apostled birth certificate, final divorce decree, and a statement by you saying that you are not married. you will need to get them apostiled at your states State Department. I found it and so can you you'll find it. These documents must be less than 90 days old for some reason, don't ask me. Then you have to pacify the notario him or herself. A 5 to 14 day newspaper ad for the Colombian asking if anyone objects to come forward. Again this depends on the Notarias wishes. That's what I know so far if there are any twists or turns I will add them later. Read one statement form someone claiming to have gotten married in Cali with just a passport but I don't believe it for a minute.

No look for a notario that does or has someone in that office do the translations and notarize them in that office if necessary.

Oh and by the way getting her a visa to the US is going to take quite some time. I called a senators office who made some inquires for me. It isn't just the I-129f and or I-130 and supporting forms 6-8 months. Once those are done there are a few DS forms that take another 7 to 8 months to process by the US Embassy in Bogota. If you ask me it shows just how  ridiculously backwards the US is. An other example; Other countries process a passport in a few hours or they send them to you a week later, ours takes 6 to 8 weeks and it comes in the mail too..

Blake we're going to Costa Rica much less nonsense involved. Marcelo speaks perfect english and will set everything up for $500. he even does the marriage itself. And it's perfectly legal in both the US and Colombia. That's my advise my friend good luck. Tell Marcelo that Herb & Maria referred you.

Wow! Old thread...hopefully somebody see's this! Situation...I have been dating a colombian girl for the past 6 months...she is here for schooling. But not to drag this out or bore people, if she does not find a job once she graduates, she will be sent home. Her brother was killed...and entire family a mess. My sweety is brilliant and so loving. I found out the info of her having to return home from a lawyer friend over drinks....she has never asked or approached me...thus I know our love is real. I want to marry her to obviously keep her in my life and create one together. Can anyone tell me the steps and possible things I might be overlooking. Once we'd,  what are my responsibilities and for how long....worse case scenario?

This is rather confusing because your post is in a "Getting Married in Colombia" topic but your location is listed as Toronto and you write as if she, and you, are in Toronto.  If so you simply follow Canadian laws and marry, assuming you both are willing.    Any visa implications (for her) should be investigated by you at your appropriate government office which controls immigration in Canada and/or the Colombian consulate in Toronto whose website is at

If you are in Colombia and want to get married - I don't understand how she can be "sent back" - she's already there?

The responsibilities and long-term scenarios have the same requirements and possibilities as any marriage, that's up to you both.

Getting married in Colombia is difficult.  In my case it took about six weeks to get the proper paperwork.

Is th3 short form birth certificate acceptable for marriage?

Would you please forward the notary's name and contact information please. I'm in Envigado and planning to return to the USA in May to get what ever paperwork that I need.

Awwhatthehell :

Once wed,  what are my responsibilities and for how long.... worse case scenario?

To love, honor and cherish .. till death do you part.

Blake, you don't need to worry about all those documents. Just live together a couple years and Colombian common law marriage rules will let her legally take everything you own. Jk...sort of. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

Do anyone know a notary office where someone speaks English?

Floridaray :

Blake, you don't need to worry about all those documents. Just live together a couple years and Colombian common law marriage rules will let her legally take everything you own. Jk...sort of. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

How does she go about proving you live together for two years?

Is it her words against yours kind of thing?

Hi. I am Mansiel. May I know the name of the Notary please? I bet he will be the best person to approach with. Thanks

check out this site. putin in google translate and it comesout perfect. … io/27865-3

it talks about 12 myths of colombian marraige, conyuge and divorce

also,  if you make a baby for papers, you are legally obligated to pay for his care including food, school, transports and college up to the age of 25 years old and it doesnt matter if he goes to Harvard or junior college, you havou get the bill. Based upon income, the amount required to pay and if you have an attractive daughter teh college professors are more than happy to help them start legal process against you...

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only if you have any assets in Colombia..

only if you have asses in Colombia..and only anything purchased after the pre habitacion.

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