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hey everyone i am Kenyan woman about to get married to a German national here in Nairobi,. can anyone advice me on what documents he should bring along. and if he is divorced does he need to come with certificate of no impediment to marriage as well/ ? are there any documents i need translated or verified at German embassy kindly advice

He needs his birth certificate, passport and the CNI.  Check at Sharia House marriage bureau first though.   We talked to Jackline Akita 0725595239.

thanks so much for your help


Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I am a widowed UK citizen. Do I need a CNI as well as the death certificate of my wife and the former marriage certificate? It is not really clear whether the CNI is also needed.


I was informed you always need a CNI.

I also understand that you need a CNI. Don't assume that your other paperwork will be enough.  Kenyan officials can be obstructive and jobs worth.

I have married in Kenya to a lovely Kenyan lady
All I provided to prove I was free was my UK divorce certificate + my birth certificate and passport. I also had to provide copies of everything and some passport photos
My wife needed to do a CNI +

It is my understanding that since the Kenya Marriage Act (2014), you do need a CNI.  Wouldn't it be better to come with one, than to assume it's not required..........then it is requested?

Hi Everyone. I am ex-Kenyan returning home so will be getting my ID etc but the main question is that I am going to marry my fiance from Vietnam as soon as is possible so am asking what procedures are needed plus how does her visa work once we are married. How long does it take for her to get a residence permit?

PeterVanAardt :

Hi Everyone. I am ex-Kenyan returning home so will be getting my ID etc but the main question is that I am going to marry my fiance from Vietnam as soon as is possible so am asking what procedures are needed plus how does her visa work once we are married. How long does it take for her to get a residence permit?

you will need the CNI, all her documents will need to be translated into English(if they are in other languages)  and stamped and signed by a notary public.
she will still need a work permit until the permanent residency or citizenship is complete.
which depending.

Thanks so much. What is a CNI exactly? Can one do all this through a Lawyer?

Am glad to be here. Am Terry and am getting married this December to a British man.
I would like to know the marriage requirements kindly help. Am in Nairobi and he is in UK coming soon.

Another thing if you have applied for UK Spouse Visa please tell me the procedure.
Am planning to move to UK after getting married.
Thanks a lot!


I assume that your fiancée will enter Kenya on a single entry visa (tourist visa), so would be able to stay for a maximum 6 months.  The link below will provide information on the documents that he will need. … 202015.pdf

You will need to apply for a spouse visa through this website: … procedure.

I believe the decision takes about 8 weeks and costs around £800. There is a fast track service at a considerable additional charge. Below is a bit more information: … in-the-uk/

I am British and married a Kenyan.  She never really liked the UK vey much, which is the main reason that we now live in Kenya.  However, before we were married, we discussed my willingness to live outside the UK.  It may be worth having that conversation with your fiancée, just in case you don't like life in the UK! 

Life in the UK ain't how most Kenyans think it is.  A lot of Kenyans think that the UK streets are paved with gold, only to get there and find that this isn't necessarily the case.  I recommend that you go and make up your own mind though!

Ist no probplem to marry in Kenya.
It is easy.
You Need a few documents and this is all!

The CNI means a certificate of no impediment. she will have to get this in her country before she comes to Kenya. am not sure what her country laws are but for a Kenyan you just need to swear an affidavit before a lawyer and then take the affidavit to sheria house. i hope this helps.

Hi ,
may i need your help in december.


Thank you so much for your answer Longonot62.
I will visit UK and see how life is then I will decide.

Good day!

Hello Tezzy,
when you go to UK?

I am planning to travel next year. I just hope they will give me a visa.

where to uk?
Or only Europe or Germany?
May can help.

yes he need a birth certificate, ident, divorce document
may u must translate but i think they accept it so.
Also u need from a laywer a document that he is ready to marry u.

Hope you got assistance on your questions.
Wish you well in your marriage.

Oh no! Am going to Wales..

Hi Lovelynda, kindly higlight on the current marriage requirements after 2014, thanks. Looking forward to reading from you.

Hi There

I know this quite a old post, but I'm getting married in Kenya, in December.

I'm getting my CNI in about 15 days. I just want to know if you have to get the CNI Legalised a stamped official certificate (an ‘apostille’) to it. By the Legislation office?


How long will it take for me to get the certificate of no iimpediment in Kenya? I'm Kenyan planning to get married to a German, at what stage do I need to produce my German language certificate? … l_Marriage

I'm curious what happens if the registrar ( social security office) doesn't get the proper documentation sent back to the country within days of arrival home.

Hello everyone, I am a Kenya Lady and I am marrying my German fiancé in January in Kenya .i have read the above just need more guidance. Can anyone assist us on what documents he would need? Does he need to notify his country that he will be getting married before we wed in Kenya? How quick can a special marriage take as he has to go back to work?
  Thank you very much

Ok. All the best

What is needed to have if you want to get married to a foreignerror man plz help

Certificate of no impediments  that is CNI

Hello Beatsanyu,

I suggest that you read through all the posts on this thread.  There is a lot of guidance and information there, which will help you.

Hi I need some more information on the documents requirments to get married in Kenya. Can you help me on that? Thank you


I am Kenyan planning to marry my fiancee in Poland. How can I obtain the certificate of no impediment to marriage? How long can it take please? I will appreciate your response.

Have a look at this link the information on weddings documents is there

For all the persons getting married in the belief that it will further the process of getting a permanent residence in a Euro country, then you should think again. You do not need to be married to get the temporary residence. You need to live in a relationship for a long time and then the partner can maybe be eligible to get a temporary residence.

Today you should prepare your selves for a very long temporary residence process (years). Regardless, if you get married or not, it is not the marriage that makes the eligibility, and that is a very important aspect. Note, that the days of "helping", by getting married are over.

Kean,  I don't accept what you are least not for the UK.  BUT you have to do it the 'right' way, which is to hold the wedding in Kenya (in this case), then apply for a 'spouse visa' through the British High Commission.  One of the things they check is your earnings, which have to be over something like £18,000 per annum.  This takes a few weeks, I understand so the British half of the couple might have to travel home initially without their spouse (don't buy tickets).   

The British are quite good at spotting a marriage of convenience and they do investigate.

Permanent Leave to Remain may be given after a period of time - maybe a year (I think) and with evidence that the relationship is ongoing.

Its a whole lot more difficult and lengthy if you marry in the UK and apply from there, through the Home Office, but you are allowed to remain in the UK legally, while your application is considered, but if you leave the country, your application will be cancelled.

I believe that for relationships without marriage, its a whole lot more difficult, if not impossible, in many cases.


Divorcing is so easy today, at least in some European countries, that it does not matter if you are married or not. Marriage today does not prove anything, as it is just a registration (Las Vegas style). The issue is if the spouse can support her or him self, has an education etc., have somewhere to live. I have seen several examples and the process takes at a minimum two to three years. I can not stress enough for the European party, the importance of a prenup agreement. It saves you from many tragedies, in case something goes wrong. You do not want later to get kicked out from your own house just because a "fling marriage". However, it is just so difficult to be a realist, when in love.

Well, what you are talking about now is less to do with immigration and more to do with the logistics of the modern marriage.  Also sadly quite cynical and certainly not an experience shared by all!

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