Getting married in Nepal

Hi. Can you please provide contact details of the person who got the work done for you ?

Is there anyone can give me contacts of some lawyer that can help to make marriage in nepal to a foreigner more faster and easy,highky appreciated,thanks

Maybe other expats can help you, but for many reasons, I think I will pass on this one, save for this one remark. Knowing Nepal and the way bureaucracy works in this country, let me just say this. You have everything to gain by taking your time and everything to lose in trying to rush things. I hope you will not feel offended, because such is not my intention.

Nepal is probably the worst I've seen when it comes to bureaucracy. My fiancee and I plan to get married and the requirement is a No Objection Letter. My home country doesn't have a embassy in Nepal and the nearest is Japan. My embassy doesn't issue a No Objection Letter however, a local government agency (in my home country) issues a Marriage History Search document and in the case of divorce, a Decree Absolute (issued by the supreme court) as well. I've provided these documents to these people at CDO and they're adamant they want a No Objection Letter from my Embassy, though I've explained to them that the embassy has no legal right to issue such document. It's a pain staying in Nepal and if it wasn't for my fiancee's commitment to take care of her family, I would've arrange for marriage abroad and possibly not live here.

I had the same thing. There is no embassy of my country in Nepal so I had to go to India to get this letter. But that wasn't the biggest issue. Once they told that there has to be 10 witness who are KTM citizens (like originally born and whole life lived in Kathmandu) from the same ward as my husband lives. I mean.. how many people in KTM are actually from KTM and especially from the same district. It is definitely easier to hire a lawyer who knows whom to pay extra for handling all paperwork. It was such an unbelievable headache. And! Once you get married, you still have to pay to live with your family there, I mean, you have to pay for marriage visa which needs to be renewed every year. Also getting that visa was not easy after getting married btw, it required a lot of time and patience in their immigration centre.
And, in fact, everything regarding mixed couples is becoming more difficult. Even for my husband to come to EU is becoming way more difficult than it was few years ago, even few months ago.
This year I'm going back to KTM with our daughter so I am preparing for some extra surprises regarding her stay in Nepal.
It's a headache to be together in EU, it's a headache to be together in Nepal. I wonder what is wrong with this system that no one protects young families with mixed nationalities.

That's the problem with Nepal. Too many people looking for bribe here...they intentionally setup some barrier...edging towards a "Lawyer", which you have to pay...monies trickle down to their buddies to do their work. It's country should run like this!

I just read an article that Nepal is on the top list of most corrupted countries in the world

It's a fact and the way things are going, no end in sight as far as anyone can tell. Not a happy state of affairs this corruption issue. It spreads like cancer.

You are so right Mujadane. Like you  say, many lawyers in Nepal are downright corrupt. It's well known that perhaps the most questionable character of them all happens to be a former head of the Nepal Bar Association. Not only is he still practicing despite police raids some years back, but his is a household name.  And when referring to him, Nepalis go further and will say with a dry smile:  "In Nepal, he is like a national hero".........Que Garne?

And like in any inverted broken down system of good vs evil, evil will win out every time. A greek tragedy for Nepal because geeks like this should be thrown out of the profession. They cause a travesty of justice,  In this context, no way a "good lawyer" can win against baddies.

Married April 2016 and it's been great!  You do need a letter from your embassy stating that you are single and have no impediments to marriage in Nepal and then go through all the back and forth trips mentioned above.

The fiance visa will take about 9 months if you don't get married first and if you do and want to bring her back to the US you are looking at a year.. It is a major pain to go through the paperwork, wait, and then get the visa and later the green card for the usa. is very helpful

Nepal does not recognize dual citizenship and so we are giving up our green card when we move back in two years.

Good luck!

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