Getting married in Nepal

Oh, and forgot to mention that they even asked citizenship copies of all the witnesses..

Hello Im from UK! I got married in Nepal last year! To get married abroad I had to register the marriage at my local registry office  and 3 -4 weeks later I got a certicate allowing me to get married! My husband and I had a court marriage at the local district office near to where he lives!

am trying to get marry Nepal lady but the court ask , single paper anyone can help me plsss

Hi. Can you please provide contact details of the person who got the work done for you ?

Is there anyone can give me contacts of some lawyer that can help to make marriage in nepal to a foreigner more faster and easy,highky appreciated,thanks

Maybe other expats can help you, but for many reasons, I think I will pass on this one, save for this one remark. Knowing Nepal and the way bureaucracy works in this country, let me just say this. You have everything to gain by taking your time and everything to lose in trying to rush things. I hope you will not feel offended, because such is not my intention.

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