Getting married in Tunisia

Me too im canadian and brought a wallet size Birth certificate.... Now im waiting for a long form..... Could take a while too :(

Salam wa alaikum everyone! I'm Shahid, a Scottish revert, 21 yrs ago. My unusual situation is that last December I met my Algerian wife's father in Aberdeen to ask for his daughters hand in marriage. He said yes and we got married in my local mosque, Al Humdulillah! We'd originally met about a year earlier via an introduction from the Imam here, and continued to get to know each other via Skype. So I guess by the time she came back to Scotland in December, where her sister was based, it was somewhat overdue. The problem has arisen because firstly the marriage although Halal under Islamic Law wasn't registered here in the U.K. Secondly, after going through a divorce and a new career I wasn't quite in a position to be fully responsible for her and it was agreed that she go home to Algeria with her father until such time as I can take her from the family home as it were.
Well the time has marched on and a lot has changed it seems since then, so now we are both desperate, with both the suffering separation brings and family pressure on her side, to get our marriage registered ASAP. I've read and heard a lot of conflicting advice about Going to Tunisia and registering there, obviously simpler than in Algeria, but there are some discrepancies like she recently found out that the Algerian consulate in Tunisia will not accept any of my Islam Certificates and I have to go firstly to Algeria and take my Shahaddah there before they will accept that I am in fact a Muslim. This bureaucratic red tape baffles me and has been the cause of much heated debate between us. The staying for a certain length of time before being accepted for registration? And the issue about birth certificates, I think meaning, a couple of certified copies of an original document from the U.K. registrar. She told me I require parents certificates also, which is what the Algerian Embassy in Tunisia told her. Mind boggling to say the least....
Anyway I would very much appreciate any advice or light that can be thrown on the up to date situation in Tunisia and Algeria? We are at the critical point where a move one way or another must be concluded because although she loves me very much, is under such tremendous pressure that she is now demanding a plan of action to be taken with conclusive dates or we have to basically forget our future together...
Finally, although I recently started a new career as a specialist offshore, I was let down by the first company that employed me and am once again out of consistent work and therefore savings. There's very little left to be honest and your prayers on my behalf would be welcomed my brothers and sisters. I'll close this here and hope that I hear some good news on this site in the near future!
All the very best to everyone fighting this Red Tape. May Allah, Subhana Wa Ta'Allah, help all of us in this respect. I'll keep you updated whatever the results. Thanks in advance. Shahid 4 Amina!

chrisrush88 :


Me and my finace want to get married in Tunis, however shoe is telling me that apart from getting a certificate saying I'm muslim which is fine, I also have to snip off you know what!!! Which I am no way in hell willing to do, no matter how much I love her!

Is this a must, and what are the issues apart from the documents you mentioned to get married in Tunis?

Appreciate the help.

Kind regards,


Hey Christian,
I just had to bring up your post again because you're asking for advice hear right?...
So here goes...
Going by your nickname/log-in I'd say that you're about 20 yrs younger than me, which would make you about 26 yrs old, and I'd have to say that your fear of getting the "you know what" snipped made me smile. I'm assuming that you know that it's only the foreskin that we are talking about and not the whole, thing!? Otherwise, I would have to agree and say no woman can be worth that!
Alas, we're not talking about that, and so I'm provoked to inform you that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! You need to hear this from someone who used to have, and now because of a covenant made between Prophet Ibrahim, (Peace Be Upon Him) and God (Allah) doesn't have...
I took the necessary steps when I was 30 yrs old, on a Pilgrimage to Allah's Holy Kabbah, in Mecca (Hadj), and apart from the obviously discomfort on the imminent journey, it's been easily one of the best decisions I ever made. It has not only transformed my life down there regarding the obvious cleanliness being bared brings, it is also transformational in more intimate ways with the opposite sex! Now trust me on I've absolutely nothing to gain by misinformation, as well as the fact that being truthful is obligatory in Islam. Feel free to message me in private if you need to discuss this fore bearing issue in any more detail. Although, I think you catch my drift! ; )

I'm Tunisian girl who live in seoul, south korea I'm already married here with my korean husband but i still have visa problem so we wanna go back to tunis to get married there ones again~ well as i see the document is not so hard to make it but my husband don't have single certified anymore cause he already got married with me and our marriage is registered in korea so should we just give them our marriage certificate instead he's single certified?  And one more question please my husband so busy working so he can't stay more than 7 to 10 days maximum in tunisia . Is that problem? As i see in some comments many said they should be there around 2 weeks or 21 days ! I really wonder why ! My husband already convert to islam in korea but tunisian government said he must go tunisian mofti to convert (so stupid) islam is everywhere not only in tunis~ its not even cheap the airplane ticket is more than 3 mille Tnd  so it will be ×2 bloody expinsive ! Anyway as i see he just need to be in tunisia to get the islam certified and signe our marriage papaer and go back to korea ~ and i will wait im tunisia to finish the rest (waiting our marriage papaer to be registered and get my f6 visa) then i fly back to korea! So what do u think ? Plz any good answers here? Thanks

I'm getting married soon in Tunis Tunisia and I have my appointment already made with the Embassy I hope I'm doing everything correctly .. That translating here in the USA seems to be quite expensive and I don't have much time .. I'm getting a little nervous because it seems like we have a lot to do to take with us and to do while we are in Tunis preparing .. We don't have but 2 weeks there as my fiance must return to his university and I have to return back to my work or we would have stayed longer .. I read a lot of the replies and they all seem quite helpful .. Can anyone briefly tell me how much does this all cost with the Marriage itself and the Doctor appointment etc. ??

Hi I'm replying because I will marry with and Algerian next month and I'm from the USA
We only have 2 weeks to be there as he is at the university and I have to return to work ..
I know the Embassy is 50. but can you please tell me how much for the doctor and for the marriage ceremony itself ??
I'm getting a little nervous .. :)
Thank You in Advance

I don't think that I can help you much Zubair, but I know a brother that was in a similar position to you and is now happily married, having left Saudi and living in the UK, if you still need information... Private message me!!
As for myself I went to Algeria and it took 2 whole months and many trips from one department to another and a full police report and a meeting with 2 Imams (Religious Ministers) to get my Islamic Certificate confirming my status to marry my wife...
We never got to Tunisia in the end and we are back in the same situation where we started...


I am to Wed in Tunisia soon ,
I was just wondering how your wedding went? did everything go smoothly with paperwork ?

I'm going to Tunisia at the end of August to my boyfriends sisters wedding. He and I were also planning on getting married and wanted to know what papers we need, the approximate expenses and how much time it will take for him to get a visa to get back to the US with me!
Any help would be amazing!

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and I have been reading everyone comments for the past 2 weeks. My boyfriend and I plan to marry in the next two months, I live in the US and I will travel to Tunisia in a few months. We don't have a date in mind we just know we want to get married and we want to make sure everything goes well. We have all our papers in order and know what we need to do for that but we are concerned if we have to get approved to marry by the US embassy and the City Hall of choice. Do they ask questions to establish our eligibility to marry?How does the process work, please inform me. I will be staying in Tunisia for 2 months and we are hoping that's enough time to get married.
Thank you

My fiancé and I have been in Tunis for three days and all but the Canadian embassy has been a nightmare
We could use some help right now.
We are still here in Tunis trying to find a town hall to marry us.
Please help if able.
Thank you

Hey my friend, Wishing you Happy Marriage.
I am in same situation, I am from india and want to marry tunisian girl, i work in saudi arabia.
Please help me. what documents you submitted for marriage.
I Would be thankful to you.
Please if you can share me your number, i will contact you to ask.

My suggestion for all of you is to contact the municipalité of your choice directly! Even contact several of them to choose the one that is less complicated regarding paperwork. Some won't allow documents older than 15 days, some will ask for more or less documents. So please, if you are in Tunisia, or if you have someone in Tunisia, they need to do the homework and get first hand information in the city halls. Otherwise, you are taking the risk (as I did once) of missing important information. Every country is different.

I fell in love with my soulmate not too long ago.we talk everyday and I love him very much.he lives in Algeria and I am planning on going over there to visit him and I also want to marry him....but was told that we need to marry in Tunisia. So my question is,since I am currently residing in the United States, what is it that i need to do to start the process of Our marriage so everything will go smoothly. ..and how fast can this take?...I have my birth certificate, Id and social security card. .was also told that he cant come to the states and it will be hard to get his Visa due to his age which he is 20 and im 43........we will do what it takes to be as one.we love one another so much and he makes me happy..♡....please direct me on the easiest way possible in my situation. Thank you very much..

"told that he cant come to the states and it will be hard to get his Visa due to his age which he is 20 and im 43"

Rather due to the fact he's only after a Green-Card. :)

I beg to differ with that theory,we love each other and we are ready to be together. . :D

This world is large enough to accommodate all types and human characters to behave as they want and set the goals which made them happy. Sometimes the observers learns more from the mistakes of others.

Cheryl Mcphee :

I beg to differ with that theory,we love each other and we are ready to be together. . :D

It's a fact. Find me one Arab male, just one, married to a woman 20 odd years his senior. Forget 20, just a decade.

Good luck with that. I won't be holding my breath.

I'm glad the US authorities agree with me, and see it correctly for what it is - a relationship for immigration purposes only - which is the norm in the Maghreb countries of North Africa. They are notorious for such scams. To the point someone has created a website, called TunisianLoveRats.

Thank u for the input but I will marry him in Tunisia as we planned....we are as one. .

Hello everyone I am new here. I have a few questions regarding  marriage in Tunisa.
I have recently  received  my divorce  decree but have been separated fromy ex husband for years. I want to marry my fiance in Tunisia is there a waiting period for divorced women? I have read a lot of the comments on here. I would also like to know what visa should I apply for that is the quickest approval time. I would like any information  anyone could help me with.
Thank you.

As far as I know that you do not need to wait. Just you need 2 witnesses and you can do so by signing a new marriage contract before a notary in Tunisia. It take a couple of hours only.

Thank you so much

Good Luck !

Salam!pour le moment je suis à Csablanca et je me prépare pour Marrakech.
En tunisie , j'y serai peut être l'année prochaine.kiss

Hello, I'm.from Costa Rica, and I want to get marry with my Tunisian boyfriend, no embassy or consukated near here, can somebody help me please, because if we get married want to live in my country but I have no idea of what to do, if someane can help me I will appreciate that.
My e-mail is *** any information is useful for me.
Thanks again...

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Hello i am from the United States. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to have a visa issued to a Tunisian spouse after marriage. I am really curious as to how long it will take after we are married to have him come to the US. I would appreciate any bit of information I can get.

They do not come after you but you can get an extension for a 4th month.  If you leave after the 4th month (say, 4 months after the 4th month) you have to pay 20TND per week that you stay over.

Im gonna marry my girlfriend nd she just got divorce recently
Can you help with this situation ???

She has to be divorced 90 days before applying for a new marriage license, no exceptions.

I have a similar question, but with rather different problems.

First, I am a British man hoping to marry a Tunisian girl.

Secondly, she is Christian. (Rather more common in 'Muslim' countries than official statistics indicate, and Christians tend to keep a low profile for obvious reasons).

How does this tie in with the requirement for foreign men to convert to Islam?............................

Are you expats with residence in Doha?

I and my fiancée are planning to get married in Tunisia, he is a British national , we want a quick wedding .

what should we do?

hi dear, looking at the links of the municipalities you gave there is no one that says megrin.........I needed it because am planning to get married in tunisia

Megrin is probably part of a bigger municipalitie. Ask your fiance which municipalitie he lives in.

How much is the cost  for a wedding?

From $0 to a million bucks!

Wow that's a tough one . Tunisia must have exceptions because there is a large Jewish community in Djerba. I don't have any knowledge first hand though. Good luck!

Thanks so much for this information! I am now only confused about which place to contact first, then the next.... :)

Hi everyone

I would like to have some serious help about my situation, any help would be so much appreciated and thanks in advance

I am from Tunisia and in a relationship with a girl from Slovakia for 3 years by now, she visited me twice, but I couldn't visit her after applying for the visa and it got refused ( even that I was a student at that time and we provided all papers they asked for )
recently we wanted to find a solution for us to be together so we thought of the marriage
but the problem is that when we wanted to do the marriage in my country, they told us that in order to register the marriage in Slovakia we need to go to Tripoli ( Libya )to register it there since there is no Slovak embassy here in Tunisia, but we all know how much unstable the situation is in Libya :( and honestly I wouldn't risk my GF life either mine , so now we are stuck , we cant do the marriage here and register it in her country , and we cant do it in her country since am unable to be there because of the Visa , please i need guidance , any additional helpful information or advice will be appreciated

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