Pregnancy in Riyadh

Which hospital???

You should have received a kit along with the card that explains your coverage details along with list of hospitals . You can also try Al Jafel hospital with Dr. Elizabeth.

Hey  :)
I have my baby delivered here in Riyadh 4months ago. I went to Sulaiman Al-Habib hospital at Olaya. I would recommend this hospital for their very good service.
Dr. Shakira Parvin was my gynec.

Dear All.

There is a Very Good Female Gynecologist Pakistani Dr. Saboohi Tariq in Hayat National Hospital Exit 14.Riyadh...Please follow up or start checks ups..Hospital is Good and JCI standard as well.


Hayat National .Pakistani Female Doctor there Dr.Saboohi..

Hi, any contact number of Dr.shazia maqsood and in which branch of sulaiman al habib she will b available? Thanks

Excuse me ..

I am planning Riyadh Care Hospital (Ar Rawabi) for delivery of my wife.

Please share your suggestions/feedback for their services??

Seharbilal :

Hi, any contact number of Dr.shazia maqsood and in which branch of sulaiman al habib she will b available? Thanks

Dr. Shazia Maqsood; the last time my wife saw her she was in Rayan branch; Khurais Road. Contact their branch and ask for appointment with her. You will know for sure.

you should contact to dr shahina olaya medical center

Seharbilal :

Hi, any contact number of Dr.shazia maqsood and in which branch of sulaiman al habib she will b available? Thanks

She's at arrayan branch, she's the best gynecologist in town I had a great experience with her in 2014, if you want an appointment just download the hospital application


I am new in this city.I am expecting my second baby.please help me to know about the good hospital for delivery and follow up.also the name of the doctor.


I am expecting my second baby.I went to omc for first consultation.but now I wish to move to are hospital for follow up and delivery.can u please suggest any good doctor dere

bht lucky ho ap. vbac is not easy

Hi Christine,

Dr Sukeshi Singh and Dr Tazheen Piracha are very good doctors from Al Hammadi hospital, however the hospital needs to improve their reception services.

Dr Sukeshi Singh is the HOD of Gynecology dept. , A very patient doctor with strong experience.

hi Sana

dr shahina is the best in omc

Hi everyone,please let me know your experience with Dr. Tazeen.. Myself in my 8th month.. Want to shift from
Dr.musarat to Dr. Tazeen.i am not satisfied with Dr.musarat

Please share your experience with Dr. Tazeen.. I want to shift from Dr. Musarat.. I am not compatible with her attitude..

you should move to olaya medical center dr shahina

Omc is a clinic not a maternity hospital.

Dr. Tazeen Paracha is really good. She has mood swings but really good at her job. My first kid was born under her.

Dr. Poonam in OMC is exceptional as well. She is a mother figure and expert at her skills. My wife is under her treatment but we will be moving soon to Dr. Tazeen Paracha as Dr. POONAM is not performing deliveries.

Hello Dear,

You can contact with Dr Sadiya Islam from Dr Sulman Habib Hospital ,(King Fahad Road)

Address: 8831 King Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12214 12214
Phone: 011 462 2224
Hours: Open today · 9AM–10PM

Slightly off topic, but can any readers suggest which insurance Companies are best to deal with for delivery?

Bupa Arabia

Tawuniya and Bupa are two major insurance companies  i guess. but regarding maternity point of view you need to check with their policies personally.what is their limit and how much to pay for insurance and all other facilities..

Hi I am pregnant, please share the review of Olaya doctor poonam bansal.

Anyone having experience with Dr. Robina Ansari in Hammadi Al suwaidi Hospital, please share.
How you rate hammadi Suwaidi branch for delivery cases?

Anita arora :

Hi I am pregnant, please share the review of Olaya doctor poonam bansal.

We had a bad experience with Dr.Poonam in Olaya Medical Center, Riyadh. We were asking few questions related to pregnancy but she was reluctant to answer. We continued with Dr. Shaheen and she is very good.

Alhabib Rayaan just call them

Anyone having experience with Dr. Sabe Hamadi , Dallas Hospital, please share.
or please share me the good gencologist Dr. In riyadh. 
I am new to Riyadh, this is first time check up

But we find Dr. Poonam very helpful & she advised to visit Al Hammadi for further checkups

Hi Arif_rampuri,

Welcome to :)

Can you please recommend the concerned doctor in the business directory of the website?

- Riyadh business directory



Sarvesh team

Dr. Minda, Riyadh care nation hospital Malaz, Filipino Doctor with 0% attitude, most of
Indian & Pakistani doctors are full of attitude n dont even open dyr eyes properly ...

as my experience please consult Dr. Minda Piccarpio

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