Pregnancy in Prague


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Prague?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Prague?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !


Hi Christine,

Congratulation for your pregnancy, if you are pregnant :)
I gave birth in Podoli hospital ( last October and I was happy there. There is gyneco also so you can also try to register there if they are not full.
Are you in Prague right now?
If you need more info let me know.

Best regards,

Hi Lucie!

Thanks for helping ;)


these in Podoli which Lucka posted above is very good.
another also here very good:

U Apolináře (very famous one-read the history)

Thomayer Hospital, Prague - Krč. (Thomayerova nemocnice, sometimes known as Nemocnice Krč)

(in area of University Hospital Bulovka, but separete Private medical department )
Budínova 67/2
180 00 Praha-Libeň
then also maternity part in Bulovka hospital
Kralovske Vinohrady
Šrobárova 50, Praha 10

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
czech says Gynekologicko-porodnická klinika or Gynekologicko-porodnické oddělení
Gynecology =(czech) Gynekolokie
maternity hospital or lying-in hospital =(czech) Porodnice
Child birth, birth, delivery = (cz) Porod
Doctor = (czech) Doktor , Lékař

Thank you mosu for your contribution! ;)


Dear Lucie,

I have recently moved to Prague and I am expecting a baby, I would like to ask a recommendation for a gynecologist to monitor my pregnancy, as I am not very familiar with the National Healthcare system here.

Really appreciate it, thanks in advance for your help!

Hello everyone,

My name is Maja, and I`m coming from Macedonia, but already one year living in Prague.

I just figured out that I`m pregnant, and I`m searching for a good clinic where the doctors are English speaking.
The best would be to find place the offers a full package - care and examinations during pregnancy, but also the birth itself.
I`ve heard some positive experience for Canadian Medical Clinic and Prague Women Health Center.
Does anyone have had or is familiar with this Clinics? Are there any others that would you recommend?


Hi Maja,

Congrats !!

I just move in Prague and had the very first maternity checking in Canadian Medical Center today! It was a pleasant experience because of sensitiveness and nice attitude from Dr.Hana Kosova and nurses.  In my first and second trimester, I was living abroad n' traveling in different cities and have laboratory reports from different clinics. Dr. Hana Kosova asked all reports and carefully read them to ensure my baby's condition. Since now it's my 29th wks, we soon schedule other essential tests in the following two weeks.

Therefore, from the experience I have today, I would say Canadian Medical Center is a good choice.

Hope this helps!

Congratulations!  From my experience : giving birth in prague is covered by vzp insurance.  So if you gave that I would suggest to find a doua to assist you during birth. Both clinics are fine  I went to both however you will need to spend time documenting yourself because none of them are covering it as you would actually need. The cmc offers nutritionist visits so that is helpful.  But the best doctor was from uni care very expensive though I can give you the details if interested.  Good luck

Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

I heard about them from a colleague who was very satisfied and recommended the package Materna Care II - for period of pregnancy & birth.
I will definitely contact them and make an appointment in the following days.

Thanks again & all the best,

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