Personal trainer and or fitness trainer work wanted (Male)

Our son is looking to join us in Riyadh.  He is a Level 3 REPS personal trainer in the UK and is looking for work either as a fitness instructor and or personal trainer work in Riyadh.  He is 21with 3 years experience and an out going personality. He can run circuit classes as well as team exercises and is experienced doing 1:1 personal target setting and programme evaluation. I  anyone is aware of any individuals, positions that may be o interest please let us know.

I would direct your son to the gym chains here in Riyadh. Body Masters and Fitness Time are very common. Also try their FB page too! (Arabic only)

TBH, I could probably use a PT session every now and then.

Good morning :)

I am looking for a personal training for my brither (19yrs old) to help him use weight during summer (june -augest). could you please send me any contact details ?

thanks alot

Did you get a trainer yet? If no, I can talk to mine in gym. Will have to check with him if he can provide personal trainings.

Check out my classified guys. working privately is better than working at the gym. Got 5 clients over the weekend as I work during the week.

Only men at the moment unless you live on a compound. If you're a lady and live on a compound, then it'll have to be a group.

In the process of setting up my website. Give me call and I'm sure I can fit you in somewhere. You wont be disappointed. :)

Peace, Love and Respect

Hi  :(  give me call? :(???


I am a 36 year old & looking for a personal trainer to for 1:1 training to help me lose weight, my BMI is 40 and I really need to reduce around at least 30Kg and I'm ready for a monthly commitment with a professional personal trainer, so if your son needs a freelance job as a PT then I'm willing to try his methods. I live in a compound in riyadh with a small Gym as well as good space to train freely. Please if he is interested let us meet to further discuss the fees and timings to start.

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Hello everybody ,

I am looking for a personal trainer too . my aim is to get a body with a good shape . If any one interested please mail me.


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I'm. Sajid
I'm professional body building competition gold medal winner. I'm here jeddah @ also need job for jeddah as a gym trainer n fitness ladies n jants.
Contect # 0593059435

hi ... am looking for a personal trainer could you provide me the contact

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Where are you live?


Am sorry I only work at jeddah :)

Hi. Is your son still in Riyadh and still a personal trainer? My husband is looking for one. Thanks.

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Are u living Jeedha
I am willing to training give you ok

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