Its an exciting adventure.....and I need help!

Hi all, my name is Roberta. I currently live in Beautiful Vancouver, british columbia. I would say over the.last yr it's ocurred to me that my kids are nearly grown....and that realisation has got me thinking about the next stage/ chapter of my life! I very lucky because im still very young....enough to start a new life some where else. Im currently 32yrs but in the next 5 yrs my kids will be 20 and almost 18yrs and i'll only be 37yrs....time for some say lol

So here's my 2 yrs when my youngest is finished first yr of high school and my oldest is off ti college...I would like to move for one yr to Honduras. Just for the sack of adventure! As well as to expose a different ect to my  youngest.

So what i have here is a 2 yr plan. I need to know where to live? I'd really need to live near English speaking high school for my daughter, but i dont think i want to live in the city....i dont mind a 30min or so dive to the city. I would like to live in a safe, friendly, helpfull area because i dont speak much spanish and my daughter speaks none. I'd like to know the cost of living in suggested area's as I only have about $1000 a month to live on. Im not sure at this time what else I need to think about, but would appreciate any input that could stir up more question or request for more info.

Thanx in advance for all your help,

Oh and I also want to a very simple gal looking to live a very simple life. Im by no means "fancy" so the area's im looking for i would perfer to be a more traditional then Americanized i dont mind a little hard work and again simple way of living :-)

Roberta, You may want to visit La Ceiba and rent a home near the mall. You would not need to buy a car considering you will be in an area with everything. You can live a simple life under $1,000.00 per month. You could walk or take taxi's when needed.
Just a thought...

Hi Roberta.
I think I'm in a similar position. My kids are getting ready to  leave/be shoved out of, the nest and I need a change of scene. I'm gonna be following your progress and wish you every success. I am a little concerned about this though

Everyone has their view. The video has truth but does not state things such as safety of tourists or expats.
Since, this would be an issue for foreigners deciding on moving or investinig here, I would like to add that none of the many foreigners I meet here every week feel unsafe.
Foreigners are rarely affected by crime.

You could live in La Ceiba,Roatan, Copan, San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa or El Zamorano for the English speaking schools. With $1000 you will probably need about $250-$300 dollars for a Bilingual School, you can rent for about $400 that would leave just about $300 for expenses. If you choose a city besides Roatan or La Ceiba you would need a car.

I would suggest you consider establishing a business in Honduras to be able to support yourself with some extra income or try to find a job as a english teacher.

hey roberta!
awesome plan!!!
i live in vancouver as well. I just bought a piece of property in honduras and CANNOT WAIT to get down there again!!!

I stayed around la ceiba, its a gorgeous little area.  the town isnt huge, and not too small. it has everything you need.

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