Marriage in Morocco - Administrative process mixed marriage

Thankyou so very much that's really helped me.
Also can I ask which documents you took? and also to be excepted in Morocco do they have to be dated within the last 3 months?

The documents I have so far..
Full birth certificate
4 photo's
Criminal check
Certificate of No Impediment ( I've been told this has to be verified by a solicitor which I'm currently looking into)
Also do I need to take a months bank statement and bills etc as I've seen this on the internet but not sure.

Thankyou so much!

Wow Dags thats amazing. Congratukations.

I pray that I get it all done within a week too inshaa Allah.

On Monday where did you get the police from? Was that from the Ministry of Justice in Rabat? Or do you mean from a local police station in your city?

Hi Ray 91

Can I please ask where you got the "Certificate of No Impediment" from?

Hi All,

This is my draft schedule for my trip to marrakesh inshaaAllah.

*Saturday - Arrive in Marrakech AM.
Collect documents translated already.
*Sunday - get a medical check at Drs
*Monday - sort documents out & take evening train to Rabat.
*Tuesday AM - Rabat - MoJ. Brit embassy & MoA (Fax 2 the translator).
*Wednesday - collect new docs frm translator.
Submit all docs 2 family court.         
*Thursday - take papers to criminal court. Then take them to the Police in Marrakesh
*Friday - Take papers 2 police if not done yesterday.
(Or collect papers from criminal court and take to family court).
*Saturday - Courts closed
*Sunday - Courts closed
*Monday - Collect papers from criminal court if not done friday & take to family court.
(Or if done on friday, collect permission)
*Tuesday - Collect permission if it was not ready yesterday.
*Wednesday - Fly back to UK

Please let me know if I have left anything out?

Or if you have any tips or relevant info based on your experience that I would find useful?

Many Thanks


Yeah sure you get it from the register office in your hometown. I called to make an appointment and you collect the certificate a month after you've had the appointment. I took in my passport and bank statement cause I didn't have a recent bill.

Omg i didnt realise i needed this. Thanks for telling me. I dont know if i will have enough time if they give u an appointment after a month :(

No, when I called I got an appointment for the following week and after that they said I can pick my certificate up in a month. But also I've been told that when you collect the certificate that it also needs verifying by a solicitor or someone but I'm confused myself about that part and need to find out..X

I dont think u need a certificate from here (uk). You get it from the british embassy in Rabat. I had a look on the british embassy website they issue the document which replaces the certificate of no impediment. Take a look at the website for marriage in morocco

Can someone help me with some information?

I live in Canada and I'm going to Morocco in a week to marry the girl I love. She's Moroccan.

I have everything summerlee7 listed but I don't understand why I have to send all my papers back to the Moroccan embassy - what are the "special stamps" you're mentioning? I didn't see them mentioned on the Moroccan embassy's website as a requirement.

Also, it's embarrassing to admit - but I have a minor STD, HSV-2 (herpes). Will the government not allow me to marry in this case even though it's a very minor and dormant disease? My fiancé knows and she's okay with it. Will our marriage application take longer?

Please let me know, I'm very distraught. Thank you.

Where do I obtain a police record check please! Do I just contact my local police station? Thanks

You need a police check from police in uk. Its called an ACRO certificate. Costs  £45 and takes 2 weeks. Or can request the next day (probably take a few days as they need to receive the request) for approx 80 or £85.

U have to submit certain documents to obtain it so do it asap. I need to request my 1 too asap

In Morroco you have to go to the ministry of justice in Rabat for police clearance.  You  need to take you passport with you.  Buy a stamp for 20dh.
Stamp required by the police

Thanks for all your help! 😊😊😊

When do you intend to go.  I could have told you more.
I  presume you are born Muslim.  They can be strict on that.  Despite that my birth certificate showing that both I and my father had Muslim names they wanted to be strict about a conversation certificate.

Hi dagd

I need your help please as you have recently completed the marriage process.

Did you get any of your documents 'legalised' from the UK before you went to morocco?

I'm going in 2 weeks and I have only just heard about this now from someone. Please tell me if you had your documents legalised from UK. If so, which documents? And where did u get them legalised from?



Hi Haroon

Does that mean we only have 1 month in which to marry once we receive our permission?

Can we ask them to delay the permission until I go back to morocco?

Hi Summerlew

I didn't realise I had to have documents authorised by a Solicitor.

Does the Solicitor stamp the original documents?

Please reply soon as I am going in 2 weeks so I don't have much time :(


Kindly help with a good lawyer to prepare my documents for me beforehand... To speed up all my process in Morroco..
Please send me their details.. English pls


How much time does it take for the police investigation

I need help with this process. And i need to kind of know how much American dollars it is once I get there and how long.

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