Marriage in Morocco - Administrative process mixed marriage

Hi all

Hopefully a thread that i had made some years ago now will help you in your marriage process.

it may have changed a little although i dont really see it changing to much. If anyone needs help just gimmie a shout :)

Hi Summerlee,

Thank you for this.

May I ask, did you have to have a male relative with you at any point during the process? I'm a muslim woman and usually the rule is that a male relative gives you permission to get married and also signs the official papers.

But is this the case in morocco?

Also, I wasn't aware that I could take all my documents to the moroccan embassy here in UK before going to morocco? This seems a lot simpler than the process someone shared on this site last year. They had said that we were to get our documents translated from someone in morocco and them take them to moroccan officials in morocco before going to the adoul/clerk.

Im not sure if its a case of the process has changed since you got married, or if both options are available.

I suppose I will call the Moroccan embassy here in UK to ask soon.

Hi there! :)

For my situation at the time i had no reletives who travelled with me to Morocco. The no impediment to marriage certificate which was signed by my mother and father was permission enough.
I did however have to have an official translator (who was also a good friend of ours) sit in on the process to the judge as we got married so i understood everything.

I regards to to your second question you can take all your docuements to your countries dedicated Morocan embassy and they will sign off on each one. You have the choice of either translating the documents by an approved comopany in the UK or otherwise you can translate them when you get to morocco, its entirely up to you but its just easier to do it all in your home country before making the trip.

Hopefully i have answered all your questions to the best

If you have anything else to ask just let me know :)


Which main documents need to translate in Arabic
M live in U.K.
So which main Papers need to do after that I need to attest from solicitor or some where

Hi m planing also to get marry in Morroco
I live in U.K.
Can I contact with u if u don't mind

Hi :)

These are the list of documents to need to have, you then need to have them authorized by a solictor/lawyer...and then translated to arabic

1. No Impediment to Marriage certificate
2. Updated Birth Certificate
3. Criminal records from Home country
4. Certificate of Previous employment stating dates worked and annual salary
5. Certificate of Nationality (If your country does not have this then your birth certificate and passport will be fine)
6. Certificate of Religion

your more then welcome to message me no worries :)

The solicitor will attested on copies not original
I have all that papers just one thing I had married before but I have final degree of absolute
I went Pakistani embassy they said no objection certificate get from council or embassy
U said about nationality certificate I have valid passport for that

Hi Summerlee,

Thank you for all your help/advice


In response to my original message, I have found out what I need, my fiancé has been pretty awesome with finding out what we need to ensure the marriage is legal.

I'm still unsure as to one last thing, hopefully someone will be able to help. One of the documents my fiancé needs is 'A written request to the judge'.  Anyone know what this should entail...something like... 'I write to request that I, (fiancés name) would like to be granted authorisation to marry (my name)? Or have I misunderstood? HELP!

I have made a few phone calls and come up with the following - the foreigner requires the following documents:

- full birth certificate
- police records obtained from your local police station
- a certificate of non-impediment from your local registry office, make an appointment at the office, a £35 fee is payable at the time of booking an appointment (they tell you what you need for the appointment and confirm the appointment by email)
- a letter from your employer confirming your employment, how much you earn per annum.
- Your passport (original and a copy)
- passport size photos of yourself (not sure how many I'll need, so I'm taking 6)

The Moroccan needs the following documents:

-four passport size photos
- valid passport
- a written request to the judge (THIS IS THE ONE IM UNSURE ABOUT)
- photocopy of his identity card

Hi jojo,

As far as I know, as a female foreigner, you don't have to have a male representative with you at your wedding.  They are more interested in the 2 people getting married.

Have you got any idea on the written request to the judge that the Moroccan has to provide?


Hi I've got married in morocco in jan 16.

All they needed was my work letter, certificate of no  impediment which I got from the uk embassy in rabat. Nationality certificate from uk  embassy rabat. Certificate from police to say I'm clear of any offence. And a letter to state my residence.

Had all documents translated in rabat by a great translater.

Any more information feel free to private message me.

Hi Saslam,

I have never heard of the written request before.

Were you not asked to also have a doctors certificate from a doctor in morocco (for you and your fiance)?

When i enquired at the court in marrakesh, thats one of the things they requested.

Which city are you getting married in? In case it varies from city to city?

Hi jojojojojo2015,

I forgot about the doctors cerificate for both of us. As it happens, my fiancé mentioned the doctors check today.

We'll be getting married in agadir. The written request he's been asked to produce is on a list of documents we both need, from a woman local to him, who helps with mix marriages. I've emailed her and waiting for her to respond with a description of what a written request is.

Thank you so much for your reply.


Hey you answered some questions for me too. Thank you

Hey, do u know how long these documents are valid for ?


Sorry for the late reply. I've been told that my documents are valid for up to 3 months and my fiancés documents are valid for 1 month.

Hi, can anyone help me with this dilemma....

I have applied for my certificate on non-impediment from the registrar at my local registry office, but have been told I don't need it as I will apply for this at my appointment with the British embassy in Rabat. Is this right?

Yes you have 3 months to get married once you get the all clear from the courts to marry. Your partner has 1 month validation on his/her documents after been given permission to marry!

So best to marry asap you get your permission.

Yes that is correct. You get your non inpendent certificate from British embassy in rabat also your natonality certificate in British embassy

Hey hun how are you ? Are you from New Zealand? Im Australian and am going to Morocco in march to marry my fiancée. Did you find the experience as difficult as it sounds ?
Regards Donna

Hi I am an American woman who's marrying a Moroccan men . My question is what papers I need to take with me to get marry in Morocco and how long I need to be there to marry and have marriage certification ?

Hi Haroon,

So just to clarify, even though the British partner has 3 months, realistically we only have 1 month to get married starting from the moment we get approval from the adhul/clerk?



Salaam Haroon,

Congratulations on your wedding. May Allah swt grant you both a long and happy marriage.

Please can you advise on the following:

1. Which documents did you need to get from the UK?

2. How long did the whole process take you once you were in Morocco? I need to make sure i have enough time off work to go to morocco.

3. In which City did you get married?

4. Please may I have contact details for the translator you used? And anyone else I will need help from?

5. How much did it cost you? As in for all the paperwork in morocco, police reports etc and getting things translated verified etc? Im on a tight budget so want to be prepared before I go out there.

this is my blog where I detail each document needed for mixed marriage in Morocco.


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How many times do you have to visit before you can marry?


I cant see a linkto your blog

Hello, I am contacting regarding your posts about your experience with applying for marriage in Morocco. I have many questions, and would like to ask if you would be willing to answer some? Thank you for your time

feel free to private messege me if you have any extra questions :)

Hello friends,

Thanks for your different posts related to mixed marriages.
Each case depends on the country of origin.
I personally can recommend you an efficient notary specialized in private international law. He can give you an input especially in case you have children, you are in a mixed relationship (marriage, divorce & heritage..)
Feel free to ask me per PM

Have a nice sunday ;)

Hi!  I live in the United States.  I have to have my papers translated before going to Morocco to get married?  The Moroccan embassy is in Washington DC and I live in Texas.  Do you have any suggestions?

I apologize if this has been answered already. I'm a non Muslim man wishing to marry a Muslim woman in Morocco. I don't intend to convert to Islam. Are we still able to marry in Morocco?

Hi there,
Your information has helped me but please can i ask you do you have to be working to marry in Morocco because at the moment I'm a carer for my mum and just receive carers allownace.

No. You dont. They dont ask u that.

Hi, im an Australian citizen and went to Morocco to get married to a Moroccan man. I converted to islam many years ago here in Australia and have a certificate, but they told me i still had to covert again in front of them before they would marry us.

Just I ask because I've seen a few posts to take salary documents

Hi all you need is a letter to say your a carer for mother etc. And you have some sorry of income comming in to help you support your wife etc.

Best ask your partner to ask her local marriage court for further documents needs. As every town or restrict has different rules etc

Can someone help me please, I'm getting married in December to my Moroccan Fiance if everything goes to plan, I'm british and live in England.
I'm just abit confused about the certificate of capascity and how long does it take to get this certificate in Morocco? Please as much information on this as possible.
Thankyou people X

Its done same day on a Tuesday or Thursday.  I would advise you to book an appointment in advance with the British consulate. 
They only see about 10 people a day. 
I  for example  booked a Tuesday.  Flew to Morocco on a Friday. 
Monday went to the police for police certificate and Tuesday my appointment with the British consulate. 
In all my process done in 5 days. 

Ps send document for translation in advance as well.

All the  best.

You have to make appointment on line at British consulate website

Thankyou so very much that's really helped me.
Also can I ask which documents you took? and also to be excepted in Morocco do they have to be dated within the last 3 months?

The documents I have so far..
Full birth certificate
4 photo's
Criminal check
Certificate of No Impediment ( I've been told this has to be verified by a solicitor which I'm currently looking into)
Also do I need to take a months bank statement and bills etc as I've seen this on the internet but not sure.

Thankyou so much!

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