Hi All,

I am currently based in India and look to relocate into Colombia or Peru by the mid of 2012. I love light sports, walking, meeting ppl, travelling, yoga, reading and photography.

I shall be visiting Bogota around the 2nd or 3rd week of Mar 2012 and hope to check out the place and perhaps meet some forum members, if possible, to get some advice.

I look forward to travelling into Colombia and meeting some new ppl.



Bogota is a nice city to visit.  Have you been in contact with any expats living there?  Have your received or have need of any advice?


hello  i am comeing to bogota middle of april.  i travel lite  and there fore have extra room .   what should i bring to trade?  any sugestions?  thanks tom

Trade as far as what?  Are you looking to bring some items to sell and make some extra cash or barter?  Most items in Bogota, from my experience, that are in demand is technology and name brand clothing.   I have friends in the states which will buy a Tommy Hilfiger shirt on Clarence for $20 and sell it in Bogota for about $50.  New black berry and iphone Cell phones are usually on the pricy side.  Also new video games as well. 

I hope that helps

- Michael

Hi Michael,

Yes, I have been in touch with some ppl in Bogota. Ofcourse I have now choosen to stay in Bogota as opposed to Lima.

I am now making a short trip around next week perhaps.

Will ask you specific questions soon.


Sure if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

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