Considering buying Tiba Apartment in Al Ahyaa, Hurgada

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Hi Kersyd,

Sorry, I know I am very late in replying but the more I go to Hurghada from London the more I enjoy being there. Your choice to buy on Turtle Beach Resort is the best you can ask for. It is basically on the beach and having a hotel there too in two years time, and of course many other people will make this a small happy community.
All the best for the future.

Did anyone end up buying a TIba apartment in the end? My husband and I have purchased a One bedroom apartment at Tiba Resort (off plan). We have not had time to go over and see it but will be heading over to collect our keys in November this year and will look into getting it furnished! :)
We will be checking out the surrounding areas such as the beach, El gouna etc
Is Dahar the closest best place to shop, how far is it and does anyone use a local taxi service which is not too expensive?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

First of all congratulations on buying a one bedroom apartment in Tiba Resort. Please do not be disappointed, cos one of my friend has been to the resort and found it middle of nowhere, beach not as near as the claim.
But, be patient, the price per metre will go up and you will make some money on it. There are local 10 -15 seat mini buses which go from Al-Hayyah to Dahar for 10-15p, whereas taxi will cost you between 2 -4 pounds, depending on how you are at negotiating. Dahar is the centre for all your needs to furnish the apartment. There are cheaper things too, again negotiating is important. Take a local person with you - it helps and they get their commission from the vendors. It is still worth it. I am going in Jan but by then you'll both be back in the UK.
El-Gouna is a posh place, and is for the better off - rich people.

Please note that I am not trying to put you off, when I bought my apartment in Al Hayyah - Tiba building, there was no one living there but within a year many people have  moved and have made their homes there. I am sure there are many developments happening in and around the Tiba Resort. You will not be disappointed but will see much countryside at the moment, which will disappear before your own eyes.
Good luck and well done and welcome to Hurghada.

Hi Rizz!

Thanks for such a quick reply! :) We will only be in Egypt for a week next month and then yes back in the UK.

Ahhh hope the beach is walking distance! Would be a little disappointing if it isn't.

Thank you for the Taxi information. My husband is Egyptian himself but we are both new to Hurghada so the information you have given in regards to Furniture and Taxi costs is very useful! Thank you so much!

We may also look in my husbands home town for furniture (Al Munifiyah) as it may be cheaper but hopefully Dahar has everything we need at a good price so we don't have to arrange for it to be bought all the way from there!

We have purchased this property as a holiday home, long term investment and future retirement home. If we are back in Hurghada early next year we will get in touch!

Thank you for your best wishes! :)


I am very excited to see the progress of the area and we are also happy to have local people surrounding us as it is always nice to feel the local community vibes rather than just pure tourism! :)

We still have 30 years until retirement haha! I am sure by then a lot will be developed and the area will be buzzing :)

I will for sure give our feedback upon our return from the trip next month :)

Hi Meera,
Great to Hear and read that you are in a great spirit and looking forward to going to Hurghada in few weeks time. The beach is a walking distance as I am being told from the Tiba Resort. But if I was to buy a retirement property, I would rather have bought it on the beach. Because sooner or later beach space is bought by big hotel people to build more hotels or holiday resorts, then you left with a public beach which is not looked after as much as the beach belonging to a hotel etc.
But being an owner of an apartment with Tiba Resort, you are allowed to use any of the Tiba facilities in other Tiba buildings - ie swimming pools, gym if there is one in any of the Tiba buildings.
I am hoping in 30 years Hurghada will be like Dubai if there is a strong government with strong Egypt's interest in mind. You can always book a trip to Gifton Island (paradise beach - as its known), for a pure sandy beach, scuba diving and deep sea diving.
I myself live in East London if you or ur husband want to have chat before going to Hurghada, about Hurghada, ur more than welcome.
Otherwise, it will be nice to get some feedback on your return to London  from Hurghada.
Take care and please be kind to give my salaam to ur husband.


Good point Rizz! Yes I think you are right, the beaches may be purchased by hotels in future. I guess there are excursions we can do to these beautiful small beach islands! :) We went to Mamyah island in May was amazing! I hope to see Egypt like Dubai! Also hope they have a government which has best interests for the country!! Thank you for your help :) Will keep in touch.

I did that already. I'm a Canadian man of Egyptian Origin. I Just bought a 2 bedroom flat in a Tiba building.
I'm now spending my first vacation in it. There is no problem at all. The unit price is not even one quarter of the Canadian prices.
I think its a very good idea and you can reseller it at anytime.

Good luck.

We saw our apartment in November and absolutely loved it!
We didn't get to go to the beach as it is slightly distance from the Tiba resort. However, we went to El Gouna which is not far at all, approx. 10 mins drive away and there were lots of restaurants/bars, nice places to eat out.
We will be getting our apartment furnished this year and are excited to spend time in our resort.
Not all facilities onsite facilities are running, however they should be soon. Pool is in use and they have a pool café run by friendly ladies from the Rivermead global team who make fresh food everyday :)

Hi Akram - who furnished your apartment?


I am considering to buy in turtle beach area. I would appreciate if you could write your experiences having vacation there.
Thank you.

Tiba Furniture. Their show room is in the same building as my flat.
I can also help with rhat.

Thank you for your kindess and your love to Egypt.

Thanks. We viewed the furniture there and got a package. We may get quotes from a few more people as we are on a budget. My Husband is also Egyptian :) So we come every year.
Sorry Waseem I am unable to advise on Turtle beach as I have not looked at any properties there.

Hi All,
I find Tiba furniture far too expensive compared to furniture shops around Dahar - the old Hurghada, it becomes even more cheaper if you can speak Arabic fluently and are Egyptian origin.
Regarding Turtle beach, I am still waiting for my apartment to be built, it should have been handed to me by Dec 2017, but its being delayed by a year. The annual fee is far too high for an ordinary earners. I did speak to one of the Turtle beach partners and told him that you people will drive tourist out of this place by having the annual maintenance fees too high, 600 Euros per year for a one bedroom, and 700 Euros for a 2 bedroom apartment, which will increase by 5-10% each year, God knows for how many years. Especially, when we only spend 2 - 6 weeks in Hurghada per year. He just talked about the facilities at Turtle beach. Besides having normal small beach, they had pond size swimming pool, and might built a hotel in next 5 years. I did not observe much else at the moment. I was there three weeks ago.
Best of luck if you are still considering buying there, on second thought I would not.

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