in my World

Dear Travelers!

Let me tell you a few words about myself!
I am a Tour Guide and a freelance writer; to whom Life is a garden full of joy and laughter!
I believe in good heart and soul of human and my great passion is to travel; so as such I can see and touch the lives of others!

I believe; human connections are important and that the whole World is our home; in fact!

All the experiences I gain on my way; I would love to share it here with you; dear fellows!

I wish you to enjoy each and everyday; as its a special miracle for us; to be here!


you can read every 3rd day or weekly; what I have learnt in my new encounters!


Hi Xenia!

Thanks for the introduction.;)


with pleasure dear Harmonie: Can you see my blog attached too??

cheers; have a great day, X

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