Need help getting my dog to Riyadh

Hello, everyone I am moving over there in May to be with my husband.  However, we have a small dog that we want to bring.  Her name is Abby and she is about 9lbs.  I was told today that she might not be able to come over due to the fact that Saudi Arabia does not like to have small dogs imported there.  She is fixed and very sweet.  Can someone help me please? Here is a pic of her

Can someone please help me....all i am is getting bad news from pet relocation companies....... … _1012.html … -east.html … tions.aspx

Check these links in order.

Other people have brought their dogs with them - although they have said it was very long and drawn out and not cheap. Sorry not much help but at last you know you can bring her

thanks for the help

I moved out here in January to be with my husband who moved here in June last year. We decided to move our nearly 3 year old Beagle (Maddie) out with us (she is part of our family!) and asked around for the best company to use. We used a company called JCS Livestock (, they weren't the cheapest company but they were certainly the best. They provided everything for us and kept us up to date with the process. I even phoned the kennels that Maddie went into for a couple of nights before the flight. Everyone was amazing and I can't recommend them enough.
Hope it all works out for you :)

Purely out of interest. How much does it cost to bring a dog out here? I know they do sell dogs at pet shops here also.

Evening Star

Hi Katherine,
We brought our Pomeranian here in Aug last year, we used this company who were very helpful...
Airpets Heathrow
Sarah Whittington
Pet Travel Consultant
Willowslea Farm
Tel:01753 685571     
Fax:01753 681655

Here are the details of our quote for you to have a look at, hope it helps, feel free to mail me if I can help further. Good Luck :o)

Air Kennels
Airline Handling
Delivery Heathrow/Gatwick
Veterinary Health Certificate
Export Certificate
Boarding - 5 days duration, Pets are required to stay at the kenels for 5 days to complete legalisation of DEFRA documents*
Consular Fees
Customs Entries UK
Total cost for services as itemised was £1,051.00

Import Permit - obtain from ministry of agriculture (valid for 30 days) it does state that *Dogs are required to be classed as either a hunting, guard or guide dog to obtain import permit* IF asked just say hes a guard dog but we had no trouble.
Pet passport detailing.....
Rabies Vaccinations - at least 30 days prior to export & certificate
Vaccinations:Dogs-Leptospirosis,Distemper,Hepatitis,Parvovirus- at least 30 days before
Microchip Identification
Customs/Airline Handling Fee Paid Upon Arrival In Destination Airport (a small amount paid at customs when you collect the dog in Riyadh)

Have posted a classified today to give away four Syrian Hamster Pups, born at our home in Riyadh on Mar 25 2012, FREE to kind and compassionate homes only, and are ready to move out now. Mama Hamster, Marmalade, is pregnant again. Pups are named Einstein, Rocky, Junior & Ghost and are all male.

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