I am looking for friends to chat by Skype (English and Norsk Bokmål)

Thank you moderator....

I have a little knowledge on this site. But i join here from inspired from one of my friend. So, i already change all my dating site like criteria , you can check. I decide to pass more time to understand this site tropic well. if you have any good information to proper use it please send me those link , i will be highly grateful to you.


Hi I am a Isha .my Skype *

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I am a British. My job working  post office

hello everyone,

As this is an old thread and the OP is not anymore active on the website. I am now closing this thread. Also note that for security reason you should not put your contact details /skype id on the forum.

I invite you all to put an advert in the Norway Classifieds section, if you are looking for a language classes.

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