Doing business in Myanmar

Hi Julien and all,

I have the same question about setting up a company in Myanmar.  I'm still in Vietnam and looking for a way to apply online. Is it possible in Myanmar.

I'm looking at DICA's link. … -companies

However, all the hyperlinks to the Forms are broken :(

Could you please share any real experience dealing with this. Much appreciation!

Hi Anna!

Most of time, the websites of Myanmar governance bodies won't be working. *especially, when you need it the most ;) . Kindly reference the link for the registration process; … er_eng.pdf and to your question, "no there's no way you can register online because Stamp Duty and stuffs cannot be done via online".

Hope this helps.


Hello everyone,

It is now possible to view online how to register a company in Myanmar.

Here is the link:

The Companies Acts dates back from 1914 and has been reviewed only few times over the decades.

An update of the law is supposed to be coming soon.


The new Companies Law was enacted few days ago (6 dec 2017).

Article: … panies-law

And temporary translation at:


Hello everyone,

to follow up on my last post, here is a new article from Frontier Myanmar: … investment


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