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Namaste My name is Khim khadka I'm from dang Ghorahi but currently I'm working in Dubai . Since 2008 to till now . But I have the plan to Seattle in Nepal and do some business like tour and travel agency . But I don't have any idea to do business .

Khim  khadka  g  namaskar.    What  kinds  of  business ?

Like tour and travel agency or hotel ?

I  staying  in  ecuador.  From  nepal  and  india  we  can  supply   maney   kinds  of  production  to  south  america.  By  the  way   which  part  of  nepal   you  from. I  am  from  walling  nepal.

Hello Shukhar. What's your status reg opening a bp hostel. Any progress so far. Let's talk.

shukhar :

I have recently (on 13th April, 2015, to be precise) returned from Nepal. I was in Pokhara for about a month. The purpose of my visit was to see if I could reside here and find some sort of job, in tourism sector or may be find a person who would be interested to open a backpacker hostel (I found no backpacker hostel in Pokhara--with dormitories and all, as they have in Bangkok and Chiang Mai; if there's any, I'm certain it would be nothing more than a few beds piled in one room, which is no way near to my idea of backpacker hostel) and enlightening travelers about the places to do in India and Nepal ( for most people do both of these countries together). A place that would be staffed by volunteers with 1-2 permanent employees. And I have found that Pokhara has a huge potential for such a venture. Now, if anyone out there is interested to discuss something about the possibilities: you're welcome.

Another thing that made me take more interest in Nepal is that majority of its populace understand fair amount of Hindi.

Hello Karma sir, Namaskar.
I am Raj Kumar from Mid west of Nepal (jumla).  Could you please provide me your mobile number please.

Thank You.

About this one subject:  "Doing Business in Nepal"
Without being critical or unfair toward this country  I have loved, I have this one totally sincere piece of advice:

if you are a foreigner, go to Nepal to do trekking, to see the mountains, admire the scenery, take photographs, go paragliding, climb mountains, admire or climb Everest and much more....because the people - particularly outside of the major cities - are wonderful people


if you are a foreigner, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO CREATE A NEW BUSINESS IN NEPAL.  If people tell you otherwise, you will learn to regret it, trust my old experience.

P.S.  On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent you from going there to buy handicrafts, cashmere, tibetan carpets, natural incense or hundreds of other fine products from Nepal, ...
and exporting them...but that is a totally different matter altogether.  Nothing wrong with that, on the contrary!

now can do as you wish!!!

I agree..nepal is just one of those developing countries where a foreigner is seen as a lemon to squeeze and throw away on the next plane home.

Hi Julien,

I am living permanently for the past 25 years in Nepal.
I constructed several hotels in the Everest area for the company I was working for,  and the last one for myself, above Namche Bazaar.
I opened a business  on name of my lodge with 100 % shares on my name.
I was married with a Sherpa woman, but as soon as the lodge was finished she asked for divorce.

And here started the problem:
210 area was on my name, 190 area on name of my ex wife and the two children, with Belgian Nationality.
The children obtained 2/3 of the 190 area = 63.33 area on my ex wife name.

Based on her small share, she complaint at the Department of Industry and Immigration I could not run my business any more.

She blocked the business visa.

Good advice, before buying land in Nepal, check all old and new Lal Purja, Land Ownership Document both at district level and in Land Survey in New Baneshwar.

If any other advice needed, do not hesitate to contact me

Nico Smeets

Hi Nico,
I stand by what I wrote here on 11 october 2016
But since there is no point in crying over splint milk like the saying goes, let me try to be as positive, constructive and helpful as possible in what I can well imagine must be a very difficult and stressful situation for you - financially and otherwise.
I can sympathize because many years ago, I was confronted with a situation in Nepal not so dissimilar to yours. Based, therefore, on that experience, here is my personal advice:
1. Whatever you do, do not get yourself involved in what is bound to be very costly and endless legal (Court) proceedings which in Nepal can easily take up to 7 or 8 years, sometimes more.......Besides, you will not find one lawyer, if he is honest and reputable, who can guarantee you'll end up winning the Case and recover your full investment. Therefore, no guarantee of success, that you will win at the end of the day.
2. As for seeking an amicable settlement, you can give it a go but do not count on it because so often in Nepal, one person will not decide but rather ALL of the family members (call it the "family council") - and  so often - collectively - "they will decide they want it all for nothing"
3. The best advice I can give you is to waste no time in placing these assets away out of her/family's reach by transferring them to another nepali legal SAFETY

If you want to know more, you should feel free to contact me directly and personally by phone or email. Right now I happen to be abroad but you can try to phone me on xxx
I have a good suggestion as to how to proceed and we can talk about it and then you can decide. Happy to help.

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hello sir,
iam sunny sharma from Nepal,a permanent resident.i have been running here some its been like 5 years iam into bussiness.if i can help you with anything please feel free with it.i was also seeking a person someonelike you.i hope u reply me sooner.


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its not so hard..easily multi pal visa can be add for a year how many year u want to do business and its not so hard for any kind of recruitment ..

I fell in love with Nepal and would like to live there long-term.I know on a tourist visa that will be impossible. Therefore, I am interested in being a business partner in a trekking company. A friend of mine told me that the law in Nepal prohibits foreigners to be business partners in a trekking company. Is that correct?  I have not talked to a lawyer yet. 
Any other ideas of doing business there? Thank you!

Is it true that a foreigner cannot be a business partner in a trekking company according to a law in Nepal?

Trekking business is closed to foreigners.
Doing business in Nepal is not easy.
Like this other longtime contributor to Expat said so wisely, don't invest in Nepal any more than you can afford to lose.
Nepal is a lovely place to visit up to 5 months, in any one calendar year (read with a tourist visa)
But it is strictly forbidden to work in Nepal while you are here on a tourist visa.


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sir can I have your contact number

Echoing what Jl1234 wrote here, there is little or no room for foreigners to do business in Nepal. Nepal is a fine place to visit - a good tourist destination - but hardly ideal to work in and even dicier to start a business in with all the administrative headaches, legal imbroglios, business visa requirements and more.  I am not saying you can't beat the odds, but foreigners should understand that the odds are heavily stacked against small entrepreneurs.
Keep your dollar balances in the bank, at home - safer there.
Once you convert in the non-convertible rupee, you're on your own.

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