is there really such a thing as a $200 USD apartment in PP

is this for real or a bait and switch operation

ill be there on feb 19th or 20th, anyone up for drinks sometime. need to meet other expats and get the low down on Cambodia
thanks lots

Dallas Texas

yes dude, i think there are places for around 200 usd a month, better to share tho, if like 2 or 3 ppl chip in could get a really nice appartment for like 500 usd, and im talikng about pool and gym etc. I moved here about a week ago and am working as a teacher, still have not found a proper place to stay ( in guest house atm) but when u get here could look for flatshare? i have not been on the case tbh, just too lazy but give me a call once u here , we can discuss it over a beer :) 016214950 (855 instead of 0 if not in cambodia) name is raul, peace

heya . ya. u can find arnd 200 . jst be careful about the location and security cz ppl here mug a lot

thank you both for the heads up and yes, lets get together for a beer
I'm trying to go to vietnam for 3 days starting
wheres the cool adult beverage establishments

thanks, Max

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