secondary schooling near arache/les carroz area

Am shortly to be moving to the Les Carroz d'arache area of the haute savoie (grand massif) and have four children aged 8,11,12 & 14.  I have seen one school in Cluses that would take them but it is not the greatest location and the kids weren't too taken with it.  Does anyone have any school recomendations for that area?  I know how difficult etc it is for them to integrate/understand/cope etc so I would like them to be in a caring and understanding establishment but not sure that they actually exist.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Just in case anyone looks at this post, I found a school for the kids by asking around for advice locally and they now go on the bus daily down the mountain.  The school have been welcoming and quite helpful but the onus is very much on me to sort out language etc..  The youngest goes to a primary school here on the mountain and they have been unbelievably kind.  They recommended a language teacher and have done everything they possibly can to make the integration as smooth as possible for my son.

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