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Hi all,

I've been trying for a couple of days to find an online site that sells electronics (Wii, PS3, games, etc) that will deliver to Mauritius. So far I've been unsuccessful.

I'd appreciate any help/advice you might have.




Try under "Petit Annonces" or simply have a stroll in Caudan Waterfront or Rose Hill....


Does deliver in Mauritius ?

Unfortunately I don't think so; last year I wanted school books from them and a friend ordered them for delivery in France and sent them to me by post!

hi feeacer,

what was retaining the amazon buy?i'm curious to know. i am an author & have a book on sale there :)

i buy online sometimes, but only secured sites. if its listed mauritius, i get my parcels ok. but one has to be careful though, electronic parts/ stuffs over Rs 1,000 goes to customs, and client collects there.

contact me for more info,

DodoDave, I've not tried the service so I can't vouch for it and DHL always seem to be a little late when I use them, but there is the DHL Easy Shop service: … tarticle_0 and



islander77 :

hi feeacer, what was retaining the amazon buy?i'm curious to know. i am an author & have a book on sale there :)

Hello Islander77,
Hope you're well. In fact, I did not check personally :( : it was one of my friends who told me! Sorry if this was a bad info!

PS: Adding to Stephenn's info, there's is also Aramex which provides that kind of service and usually is much cheaper than DHL but you should check their website to check if they're offering this service in Mauritius.


Amazon does ship DVDs and books to Mauritius. A friend ordered them for me and i received them here. I think its only for books and dvds tho

Maybe the main problem then is to be able to make your payments on line then!

I think as long as you have a credit card, you wont have any problems for the payments.

Any recommended online shops for electronics ?

Ebay and DHgate. However not all merchants sends to mauritius. DHgate is from china and you gets lots of stuff at extremely good price. But you should beware of counterfeit items. Some merchants from and also ships to mauritius. Mostly books though. However, ordering parcels from europe or america can be very costly in terms of shipping fees and customs.


You ll get it opposite super u (Grand baie), there is a shop call "extreme".

or Salim Shop (Plaine vert) Port Louis


Unfortunately Mauritians,although they might have a tendency to shop online, do not have that kind of service here(local shops).

check this site:

It might help with what you're looking for,and knowing where to get it.

Anyway, there's going to be a seminar on the whole internet marketing thing foe people who wish to learn more on it, and implement that in their business, or people who want to open an online business. It's a first in Mauritius.

Let's hope it'll make some people realise the potential of E comerce and Internet Maeketing!

hi guys,

check this one; just me across though never bought anything from it..

can't recommend, but looks good,

To Julien /Dododave
Try chinavasion where they sell also retail....[cfrom china]

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Hi Arlette

I agree with u. ShopNship by Aramex doing an amazing job

Cheers or ebay forget about amazon

I'm using Amazon and works fine.
BH Photo is also doing the job.

Hi !

The best that I found so far is, they sell plenty of stuffs, including PS4, games etc etc

I ordered a few times and they are AWESOME

good price/fast delivery

I highly recommend

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