Brighton College Abu Dhabi School info please!:)

I have an interview for Brighton Abu Dhabi College, I wondered if anyone has any info about the school, if teachers enjoy working there, etc. Also interested in applying to other schools in ABu Dhabi, if anyone is aware of schools with good reputations and happy teachers! Thanks!

You could also try Al-Yasmina and the British International School Abu Dhabi, both are British curriculum.

Thanks for the heads up Sandman6.

Alain8877 I would like to know if staff enjoy working at this school, if the school has made good impression/reputation in its first year of being open. If teachers are on decent salaries, what sort of packages are being offered(accommodation provided/enough allowance given to live somewhere nice), as at the moment they are unwilling to disclose exact details prior to interview. Any info at all would be good! Thanks!

Mrs Sandman6 works at BISAD....if you'd like more info, please by PM

Inboxed you:)

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